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The Raider Depreciation Thread 📉

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1 minute ago, BackinBlack said:

the worst was:
With our roster, 3 3 round picks should be 3 starters for us.
Proceeds to take Muse, Bowden and Edwards lol

That one was as bad as it gets. He literally said haveing those 3 third round picks were like "stealing".

He said a couple weeks ago "You're going to see more of Malcom Koonce coming up" and the dude has been a healthy scratch every week. You can't make this stuff up.

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On 11/9/2021 at 9:55 PM, MrOaktown_56 said:

I know parker has not been terrible but look at this: I like Ojulari but he got worked. This cost us points IMO.


23 was wide open as soon as he got passed the line of scrimmage. But of course Carr doesn't throw it to him (he had time after Renfrow was covered). This is why most people get frustrated with Carr.

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35 minutes ago, SBXISBXVSBXVIII said:

23 was wide open as soon as he got passed the line of scrimmage. But of course Carr doesn't throw it to him (he had time after Renfrow was covered). This is why most people get frustrated with Carr.

I disagree. He was going though his progressions in the order he was coached to do. Maybe i don't like it, but I don't draw up the plays. Ojulari was getting there.

I'm not even saying Carr is the answer, but I'm sick of this OL trash. It's been garbage all year in pass and run blocking. And it's making everyone on the offense look worse. At this point Mayock needs to be outta here too.

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20 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Likely. What an enormous waste of freaking assets. Wish we went full Rams and traded all our firsts for proven talent. 

Not even going past round 1 (because I don't care to revisit the wasted picks on bums via trade lol)


1.4 Devin White

1.24 Montez Sweat

1.27 Byron Murphy


1.11 Ceedee Lamb

1.19 Brandon Aiyuk or Johnathan Taylor or DeAndre Swift or a trade back were my preferences. We needed offensive weapons at the time and without Jacobs would've had a need at RB. Maybe Antoine Winfield Jr, given we weren't stuck with Abram? 


1.23 Christian Darrisaw


I'm sure some people may have a different flavor than these picks, but my God what could have been. I don't remember everyone's preferred picks, but I swear every single person on here had mock ups far better than what we did. 

Here, we have a stud LB, Murphy/Mullen is a solid starting combo that avoids Arnette. Sweat and Crosby allows us to avoid Yannick, who is good but came expensive enough to limit us on options. 

We go the obvious choice and Ceedee, we have a star WR. I wanted to double dip at WR and have Ceedee, Aiyuk (or Pittman), and Renfrow. Or Ceedee, Agholor (at the time), and Renfrow with either Swift or Taylor at RB. Or Winfield on the back end depending on FA. There were options available with the pick either way. 

Darrisaw isn't perfect yet, but he's better than Leatherwood. 

Let's hold the pattern I wanted and look at the offense though:

Carr, Miller, Simpson, James* (I would've done whatever necessary to try and keep Hudson btw), and either Darrisaw and a FA on the other side of the line depending on where Darrisaw wound up year 1, Lamb, Aiyuk/Pittman, Renfrow, Waller, Taylor/Swift. 

That's an offense, not a glorified practice squad. 

Say we went D (not factoring in who we might have focused on via FA, variables denoted by *):

Sweat, DT*, DT*, Crosby, Littleton*, White, Morrow*, Murphy, Hobbs, Mullen, Moehrig, Winfield. That's a shutdown, ball hawking secondary and solid pass rushers without liabilities at LB. Still some potential needs at DT and OLB, depending on how we approach FA, but again, options are there and the pass rush and secondary are totally squared away. 

We would be a faaaaar better team, no doubt, without nearly as many giant ?'s going into 2022. 

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5 minutes ago, NYRaider said:

@ronjon1990 hindsite is 20-20 but damn we missed on so many picks. Looking back at team need and who was on the board and should've been targeted...


#4: Devin White

#24: Montez Sweat

#27: AJ Brown


#11: CeeDee Lamb

#19: Jaylon Johnson


#17: Christian Darrisaw 

True, but I pretty vividly remember discussing/debating various picks with you and a couple of others prior to the draft. 

No need for us to even chalk it up to hindsight. We just called that ish lol.

Worst part about it all is that even if we don't fully agree on what was a more important need (ie: I targeted Murphy, you went AJ Brown), the only people incapable of making a right pick were the ones actually making them lol. 

My picks or your's, hard to really go wrong. And yet the guys paid the big bucks....did go wrong. Over and over and over again

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