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Week 2 - Rams at Eagles

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1 minute ago, NVRamsFan said:

A lot of people stopped participating around here when the Rams moved home. Plus some of us just don't find this forum very entertaining tbh. GG best of luck the rest of the way out. But after all the grief (I'd us appropriate 4 letter words but they get you in trouble around here) Goff took this off season and the Rams as a whole I have no problem enjoying this win!

Goff > Wentz as much as I liked him coming into the NFL I'm so glad we took Goff over Wentz.

Game balls to Kiser, Hendo and Goff along with a masterclass game called by McVay today. 

I see. Well that sucks, but Rams weren't a St. Louis team first. I can see why some fans would drop off though.

I still think Carson is the more talented QB than Goff or Prescott, but if his mechanics aren't consistent and his accuracy suffers like it has this year and we don't play to his strength which is throwing on the move, then yeah.... I'd rather have Goff cause he's consistent if nothing else. Prescott also is more consistent. Both deserve to be ranked a bit higher as it stands.

Have no idea why Carson is sailing passes even more than previous years. Our current QB coach has been with him for 3 offseasons (!!!) now since John DeFilippo (QB coach for his best year - 2017) left for a coordinator position, so there is no excuse for this. As it stands Prescott and Goff are over him until he can get it cleaned up. Wide receiver talent means nothing if he's gonna turn into a pumpkin lol.

Pederson also isn't the play caller that McVay is. He was stubborn and didn't play to Carson's strengths week 1 and got him killed and shaken up confidence wise as a result. Then, it took him forever seemingly this game before he did a bootleg and got him out of the pocket. McVay on the other hands has crafted his offense perfectly to the type of QB Goff is which is a great first read QB with accurate passes that lead to YAC. You guys should be really happy you have him and all those receivers that also are perfect fits for his offense. 

I definitely think you guys need more front 7 talent (edge rusher and linebacker), but you will always be in a position to succeed with McVay as your coach/play caller.

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3 minutes ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

I definitely think you guys need more front 7 talent (edge rusher and linebacker), but you will always be in a position to succeed with McVay as your coach/play caller.

Yeah we're starting a lot of late round picks/udfa at ILB and Edge. I could really see our top pick being somebody to come in at LG and eventually maybe LT for when Whitworth retires and a lot of people would like to see a better ILB. We have a lot of young and unproven talent at Edge, especially if Terrell Lewis on the IL plus we don't know if he ever becomes healthy. 

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Just now, El Ramster said:

Idk brother both offensive lines played really good. 

Yep. Your OL has exceeded expectations. They didn't really have to pass protect for much time against the Cowboys, but Goff stood in the pocket more times against us. Our d-line occasionally got home, but overall they pass blocked well enough and run blocked their butts off again.

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30 minutes ago, RamRod said:

Love to see Higbee’s run from late last season carry over. Tbh maybe three TEs I’d rather have than him.

Eh. He's more like 6-8 right now I think . Potential to go higher.

I like him a good deal, but wasn't too impressed he just ran past Nate Gerry who was late to react with his eyes in the backfield lol.

I think both our TEs are better.

I was so excited when Goedert had Ramsey beat.... like that's freaking Jalen Ramsey, but Wentz had to go and ruin it smh. Would've been a great play.

Also, kinda disappointed we didn't try and get it to Goedert in space more like week 1 against Washington.

McVay knows what guys to get the ball to in space... Kupp, Woods, Higbee, etc.

We'll throw long passes out to Greg Ward (not explosive at all) and DeSean Jackson (more build up speed) for like 0-4 yards. 😞

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6 minutes ago, El Ramster said:

He is. Dudes a cement truck. No side to side speed but he made plays. 

Kinda like what TJ Edwards is for us.

Wish we would play him more, even in coverage... cause if a guy is smart enough they can overcome some limitations athletically like Kiser showed today. 

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