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Cowboys LB Sean Lee put on IR ; out 6 weeks

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I feel like at this point, for the sake of relevant and efficient news...we just need a thread that starts up when he's not on IR.

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On 9/17/2020 at 3:41 AM, KingOfNewYork said:

Why do you feel that way?(that he'd be a good coach)

Because he was a smart player 

Very heady football player 

Smart football players tend to have what it takes to be football coaches. Also, he was/is very well respected in that building on a personal level 


Honestly, while we are talking about players becoming coaches, Deon sanders is now a HC and it feels so right. Good for that guy. He is already such a good mentor for so many guys in the league, so for him to step up to the plate even more and be a positive influence for guys on the lower level that probably need it more is amazing. The fact he took a job of a predominantly black college is also great on so many levels. 

Just kinda funny that neon Deon is now a HC. It's kinda wild 

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I'm really disappointed about Sean Lee's situation, because he really is sheer talent at inside linebacker, but injuries have just marred his career.  

Aaron Smith was just like this when he played for us.  **** LeBeau thought he was one of most naturally talented defensive players he'd ever seen, but there's just not much you can do when the player just keeps getting hurt.  

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