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Who comes out on top?  

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  1. 1. Who comes out on top?

    • Browns
    • Bengals

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1 minute ago, SmittyBacall said:

I actually feel the opposite. He's pretty advanced for a rookie, especially with a limited offseason and no preseason. It's not easy playing behind this dreadful line. 

The sack he tried to spin out of wasn’t the lines fault, nor was the last minute timeout and snap, the last play he needs to know the blitz is coming and be prepared to throw it away 

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41 minutes ago, ninjapirate said:

so if this game has told us anything so far it's that wow tyrod taylor isnt good. 

We had our center and right guard out. He was also being held back by conservative play calling. P.S He also won the game so it doesn't matter 

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1 minute ago, DawgX said:

As a Browns fan, there's definitely a part of me that hopes Burrow busts. With that said, I don't get the criticism of him tonight.

The criticism has been ridiculous. Kid is gonna be REALLY good. His 2nd game ever during prime time - he has been awesome.

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2 minutes ago, SkippyX said:

The #1 pick calling this game faced much worse (Reggie and LT) before his line got great.

Aikman as a rookie had Mark Tuinei (Pro Bowl), Nate Newton (Pro Bowl), Tom Rafferty, Crawford Ker, and Kevin Gogan (Pro Bowl) as his o-line. 

Big difference compared to this Bengals o-line

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3 minutes ago, SmittyBacall said:

Thank you. Some people don't know what they're watching.

They are either clueless, or trolling 

Knew burrow would convert that 4th with his legs when they came out empty 

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