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Broncos Film Review - 2020 Season

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1st quarter notes

- We go outside zone left on 1st play. Nice double team peel by Fant, as he gets to the 2nd level on the LB and Gordon gets on the edge for an easy 9 on 1st down
- 1st and 10, well positioned swing pass throw from Drew to Phil, easy 4 yards
- Not seen that play before. We go HB counter left, with Muti and Fant pulling from the strong side (right) to the left. Muti launches himself at the edge player (Safety, Tre Boston) and does enough to keep him out of the play but he whiffs for sure. It's a decent looking play (Risner walls the NT off really well) but Vannett can't hold his block so it only goes for 3
- First obvious passing situation (3rd and 4 from our 43) and this is what worries you about Drew. It's a very common route concept to beat man coverage. Quick out and slant. Idea is to go wherever the DB traffic is impacted.  
It is very clearly single high safety. That means the slant might have help if the route is beyond 6/7 yards and the Safety is eying the QB. The Panthers also blitz, so the Safety knows Drew has to get it out quick.
Drew just doesn't feel the safety at all, and zings a really dangerous high ball over Patrick and Tim takes a big lick for the trouble. That throw has to be really low and inside to protect Tim but Drew doesn't feel the safety. 
Clearly, Drew should be going to Fant here. His man doubles on Patrick for a split second and Fanr is wide open for an easy first. Pass pro is perfect, including a really good blitz pickup by Freeman. Punt.


- Panthers trying going with a RB checkdown on 1st down too, but Kareem Jackson reads it all the way and stops it for a 1 yard gain
- Starting Nickel D sees Harris and D Williams as the DTs. Really nice edge fill by Bausby on the run play for a 1 yard gain
- We go zone on 3rd down and Bridgewater checks it down again. 4th down. Think he threw that too soon. There wasn't any pass rush at all

- Joseph Jones with the key block for the Spencer punt TD

- 2nd and 6, we match 12 personnel (2 TEs) with our base 3-4. I have mentioned this a few times this year; I dont know why more teams don't create good matchups for themselves against us by aligning TEs and RBs out wide. The Panthers iso a TE out wide, which means we only have 1 CB left for 2 WRs. That means we either put a Safety in the slot, or a LB. 
We end up with Chubb aligned over Robby Anderson in man coverage. Not ideal.
Easy throw and catch, 1st down. If you are playing man coverage it has to be Jackson in man coverage there. Shame, because D Williams shows great hand power to get the edge on the LG. Quick pressure, but the ball is out so quick.


- Panthers call a reverse (they will have seen the Chiefs success last week) and Chubb is so close to making the play on Anderson. He forces Anderson nearly 10 yards back from the LOS, but Anderson gets the outside to make an 11 yard gain. Really nice cut block by the TE (Thomas) in space on Kareem Jackson
- Rough start for the Panthers LG, as he gets whooooped by Jones on this 1st and 10. Great patience by Jones, as he waits for the LG to get upright before clubbing him with an inside move. You don't get a cleaner win than that in the NFL


- Good read by Bridgewater when we go man coverage and both LBs are out in coverage for an easy 10 yard sprint up the gut for a 1st. Jones tries the same move, but gets washed from the right B gap to the left B gap. Not great
- Panthers go 3 TE and attempt a man power to the left. Shelby Harris is the play side DT and he controls the LT, forcing an attempted cut back straight into his own man. Attaochu makes the tackle for a 2 yard loss
- More brutal play from the Panthers LG. He doesn't feel the stunt from Attoachu and Harris, giving the former a free lane to the QB. It's really nice footwork from Attaochu to sell the regular pass rush before cutting inside. Shelby Harris takes a perfect angle to engage the LG and turn his head away from Attaochu

- Panthers punt

- 1st and 10 Broncos from their own 9. We try going zone run to the right. See, I think this is on Risner rather than Cush. The NT is ultimately Risner's man, but it's a tough reach block based on where the NT is aligned presnap vs where Risner is. Cush does the correct thing of holding his 2nd level advance, engages the NT to allow Risner to get play side then peels to the 2nd level. Risner has to show better hip flex here to either wall the NT, or show some power and blow him off the spot. He does neither, and Phil has nowhere to go.
Not a good result considering we ran against a 6 man box with a TE inline.


- A really good play by Drew on 2nd down. We go PA bootleg and Drew has a man right in his face. Vannett, who was pretending to block, is open for a good 10 yard gain. Drew even had to hitch back before throwing a really accurate ball. You don't want Drew taking more hits like that, really. Wilkinson tries to wall off the DL, but missed the DT entirely
- We then go PA screen on 1st down. It's a bit scrappy, with the timing not perfect but Phil does a nice job to (finally) force a missed tackle and get 4 on the play
- 5 yard run from Gordon gets 5. Thought he chose the wrong hole but his balance shown is really impressive. Ran to the strongside of a 2 TE look
- 3rd and 2 we send Hamler on the Jet motion then try handing off to Gordon inside from shotgun. Tre Boston (Safety) beats Hamilton to the spot and makes a great tackle in the hole. Punt

- 2nd and 9 for the Panthers, somehow this isn't called a hold on Jones inside. It's the same inside swat move but on the Center this time. The RG then just holds Jones back, clear as day, but it isn't called. I let the video play on so you can see Jones' reaction to the ref. Good strength at the POA from Agim too here. Bausby needs to do better on the edge, as this should never have gone for 5


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Some 2nd quarter notes

- 1st and 10, Panthers go play action and attempt to hit the slot WR on the crosser. Kareem Jackson was in 'robber' technique, and took over the cross when the route came straight to him. Coverage sack for Walker
- Panthers can't recover from 2nd and 18. Punt

- Drop on the short hook route by Jeudy on 1st and 10 from our 5. Ball was a tad high, but got to catch it. 2nd and 6 is a lot better than 2nd and 10
- Nice alert play by Cush here, as Chinn comes blitzing right up the gut. Cush has the vision to spot him and correctly stops his pull to block him. Good power too shown by Anderson, but he lunges a bit when finishing the block and it allows the DE to disengage

- Holding call against the Panthers on 3rd down. Patrick beat the CB with a double move. Drew felt the 6 man blitz and got out clean which is a plus. Still feel like he could have hung in there and hit Jeudy on the crosser
- This is excellent from Drew. It's play action, max protect on 1st down and we've stolen this off the Chiefs. We have to two very deep hook routes - probably 20 yards down field which is rare but it's max protect. I would imagine at least of those hook routes is an option route; if you can beat the Safety, go deep. If you can't, hook it back.
the key to the play is Drew correctly reading the underneath zone coverage. Pause the video at 6 seconds - can you see the underneath defender on the 30 yard line? His hips are facing towards Hamler (left of our formation). That means he can only help under KJ's route and therefore the ball needs to go to the otherside where there is no underneath help.
Drew delivers on time and Hamilton comes back brilliantly to the QB.


- We go PA bootleg but with Drew coming back to his left this time. Simple dump off to Vannett for 8, as the edge man (Burns) can't help but follow the jet motion the other way from Hamler, and he loses contain on Vannett sneaking out
- I don't know why the Panthers play this 3-3-5 Defense some times. So light against the run, and we run it for an easy 1st down here. The poor CB must have soiled himself when Muti comes around on the pull here .... He looks QUICK in the open grass. 

- Another quick easy PA dump off, this without any bootleg. Fumagali sells the block well on a blitzing Chinn, then peels out wide open for 6. Muti and Cush got split when attempting to double team Brown (top 10 pick this year I believe). Goes for 6
 - Another good pull from Muti, this time to the right. Kicks out on the DB again, Gordon run goes for 5 and a first down
- We go play action (no bootleg) and Drew evades quick pressure and knows exactly where the checkdown is to Gordon. 3 yard pass instead of a 7 yard loss
- This is really impressive stuff again from Muti. It's more the mental side that impresses me. It must have been so tempting as he pulls around to level the DE, but he doesn't - Muti knows the design of the play is OUTSIDE, so the most important thing is to get outside and take the leverage away from the DE. 
See how he turns his hips and seals #96 from being able to contain? That is awesome stuff. Great to see Phil bursting to the edge again

- Our protection calls reared their ugly head again on the Drew fumble. A 4 man rush vs 5 blockers somehow leads to 2 untouched rushers .......... 
Cush and Risner block nobody and Wilkinson double teams as the LE just strolls into the back field. Hard to pin the blame without knowing who calls the proection. That said - at what point was Cush going to be like, "hmm - well the guy next to me isn't blocking anyone so maybe I should look the right and block someone over there"?
Maybe Drew could have dumped it off to Gordon, but 2 untouched rushers is hard to deal with at that speed



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Further 2nd Quarter Notes

- 1st and 10 Panthers from our 4 after the Lock fumble. Panthers go fade to Samuel on 1st down, really solid leverage from Ojemudia to take the slant away, then good arm extension to break up the fade. He should probably have intercepted it if I am honest. Not a good ball from Teddy
- Shelby Harris washed a bit too easy on the TD run. He gets wrestled out of his gap, Johnson can't win the 1v1 vs the Guard and Chubb isn't aggressive enough against the trap block from a TE. Davis does well to get 'skinny' in the hole. 7-6 to the Panthers, 6 mins left in the 2nd

- 3rd and 3. Really like this play from Drew. The Panthers send 6 and this time, we get the protection call right to get 6 on 6. The Gordon chip is obviously the highlight from a blocking perspective; great read, great cut. Drew does really well to trust the protection, step up above Burns in a muddied pocket then delivers a perfect high and outside ball to Fumagalli for the 1st. There is no separation at all from Troy; Drew just gives him a ball to use his leverage and keeps the ball away from the DB. 
If Drew can find a way to consistently make these 3rd down throws, it will have a huge impact on our Offense. Sounds crazy for a 6 yard throw, I know

- 1st down, Drew does well to find his checkdown (Patrick) after Wilkinson gives up a quick pressure. He let Burns get right into his chest and bull rush him back into Drew
- Ugly looking ball from Drew on an attempted bubble screen to Hamler. I am sure everyone who watched the game knows which one I mean. Just slipped out of his hand when trying to side arm it. Incomplete
- 3rd and 8, Drew doesn't have a chance here. Panthers send 6 again and we get it called well enough. Muti falls for the designed concept of the DT barrelling into him, meaning Burns goes pretty much untouched.
Fortunately he is called for roughing the passer


- Here is the Jeudy slant-go in all of its glory. It's the perfect route. The finer details make it as such. My favourite bit is definitely the head turn to the QB; that is what gets the CB to bite on the slant. I don't think Drew needs to slide to his left, but he feels the DB blitz from the right so that is why he is sliding that way. The ball is actually located really well, despite there being no need for a good ball because Jeudy has about 20 yards of space

- 3rd and 7 from the 13, what a call this is from Shurmur. I bet he couldn't believe how perfect it was when he saw the Panthers DL align with that amount of spacing. It's our usual shotgun run - Risner pulling, trap the playside DE and the strongside TE goes straight to the 2nd level to cut off the backside LB. RT and RG seal the backside DL pursuit.
 Burns, the unblocked DE, has no idea  run is coming. Risner goes over to block him but his arc is way too wide anyway. Muti gets lucky as it appears the DT is diving inside on an inside stunt, but takes himself out of the play.
Great block by Patrick to go for the safety in field, rather than the off CB. Play goes for 11.- We try going heavy on 1st and goal from the 2, but the NT splits Muti and Cush too easily to stop it for a 1 yard loss
- We then go HB toss. Hate that call. No misdirection, no motion. Too many bodies right up at the LOS and it is stuffed for another 1 yard loss. Panthers get called for taunting ...
- We then go heavy again (3 TE), but it's play action and Vannett sneaks out to be wide open. Good call, excellent execution by Vannett and well faked by Drew

- Bridgewater tries gifting a deep INT to Bausby, but he gets crocodile hands when he sees Jackson coming over and drops it. Can't blame him, given Jackson's history with KO'ing teammates
- Bad angle by Jackson on Davis out of the backfield and Panthers get a 1st down with a minute left
- Panthers going bunch, tight formation (man beater) on 1st down but the RT doesn't feel Parks coming on a Nickel blitz. Ends up going for a 16 yard loss .... Half over



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3rd quarter notes

- Panthers go 3 and out on their 1st drive after a holding call on 2nd down threw them off schedule

- Tough throw from drew on 1st and 10 on the PA bootleg. Just about squeezes it in to Jeudy on the crosser with Chinn (Safety) nearly undercutting it for an INT
- Two really good blocks by non lineman here, and great patience from Melvin. It's our staple shotgun run. Brilliant job by Vannett to wash the DE down the line, then Patrick gets to the LB on the crackback. It's a great read by Melvin to see Patrick's block and go outside of him, rather than attempting to go for the hugggge hole inside and risk getting tackled.
Excellent run

- 1st down We attempt to hit Phil right up the gut with power blocking upfront, but Vannett is beaten inside by the RE and in truth, our double teams don't get a great deal of movement either. No gain, not much Phil can do here really
- 2nd down is the long bomb to Hamler. Good read from Drew - Cover 1 so deep shot outside is there. I like the rhythm in the throw, the trajectory of the throw and even though the CB falls down, it looks like a good ball regardless. 


(Video is grainy - will have to try again later)

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