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I’m thinking about getting a kindle and a library card so I can just take out ebooks for free so I searched key word “kindle” without acknowledging 99% of the posts were probably going to be about bears CB Kindle Vildor and lb sergio kindle lol 

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I’m only a little over 10% of the way through Creation by Gore Vidal, and it’s already one of my favorite historical fiction novels. I am fascinated by ancient religions and philosophies, and the way he seamlessly weaves these subjects into a novel is masterful. 

This is my first Vidal book, but I already bought Burr and Lincoln and and am looking forward to them.

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The rise and fall of the dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte

Its a really neat book so far maybe 40 or so pages in, but im having a hard time with it, all the names for the dinos (Pisanosaurus, Chromogisaurus, Prorotodatylus just to name a few) and paleontologist terms are making it difficult, especially since im a pretty poor reader. I love reading but im not very good at it.

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On 9/13/2022 at 10:27 AM, Ty21 said:

Halfway through A Clash of Kings. GRRM got wayyy hornier writing this. In the first book he was way more reserved and I wondered where the crassness of the show came from. Book 2 is a porno. 

GRRM is very unsubtle with his perversions that flow through the books(dude overdosed on nipple(and other anatomy related) descriptions), but I don't really think he was the driving force behind the show's overly 'gratuitous' content. It's a business model for these cable networks at this point.

They know the promise/chance of strong or graphic nudity keeps an (embarrassingly)large portion of their audience tuned in week to week. Case in the point, many of the 'adult scenes' Martin put in the books involving older major characters were left out of the show and instead the studio/showrunners crammed in a ton of nudity from younger minor and background characters. The behind the scenes stuff that goes into these HBO(and other cable network) shows is a "Me Too"-esque documentary waiting too happen, lots of coercion and disgusting behavior at play. Which is why you'll hear "Intimacy Coordinator" thrown around more and more, as the forces that be see the coming backlash/controversy and try to initiate a scapegoat.

It's also clear ol' Georgie didn't have much of a love life himself back in the day..... Cause he can't really write out those scenes in any sort of a skillful way. IIRC He also told this story once about getting cucked by his GF and a writer friend of his- which might explain why there's so much cheating between partners in the books too. 

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