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Giants RB Saquon Barkley tears ACL; Out for season

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Obviously very frustrating as a fan. I had high hopes for Jones and Saquon in the same backfield this year. It’s going to be a very one dimensional offense moving forward. Lots of pressure on Jones, who to this point has had a tendency to turn the ball over. Not an ideal situation 

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As much as it sucks for my fantasy team (and it pretty much kills it), I have such love for Barkley from seeing him at PSU and meeting him that this one stings on a personal level. Hoping for a miracle but prepared for it to be the ACL. 

At least he's the type of guy to take the recovery head on. He'll be back. 

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3 thoughts:

1.  Given it's mid-September,  with ACL recovery, he's likely playing Week 1 next year.

2.  The issue is that peak explosion doesn't return until 18 months or so.   So while I truly believe he'll be back playing for 2021 and from week 1 onwards (I think he'll even make it back to preseason/etc. in August),  it's hard to know if he'll be the 2018 Saquon right away in 2021. 

3.  The X factor is his athletic freakishness - the same trait that's allowed some guys to return right away and not miss a beat (AP being the prime example, but even lesser ones like Steve Smith & Manny Sanders coming back from Achilles tears at age 30+ and being indistinguishable production wise from their pre-injury selves).   Those are the guys that defy the CW....so this will be fascinating to see how he rebounds.


Either way, though, a crusher for 2020 G-men and his fantasy owners.   Pour one out for him, and wish him a speedy recovery for 2021.



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