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Giants RB Saquon Barkley tears ACL; Out for season

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4 minutes ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

I too was wondering about how much this could hurt his chances at a major payday as well 

I'd imagine this may impact his big contract, but I can't see the Giants not picking up his fifth year option. The assumption was that Saquon would get a new deal soon, in line with guys like CMC and Kamara. With this injury though, I doubt that happens now when we thought it would. No way they sign him long term before they see how he recovers from this in 2021.

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Very sad.    Being a PSU fan, I am well aware of how special he is.     

RB shelf lifes are limited as it is.   An ACL tear on your rookie contract is rough for any player, but especially a RB.   

Fortunately, Barkley will still only be 24 next year, so a big year next year and he will be in line for a big contract, but its an uphill battle.

And beyond Barkley, I feel bad for Daniel Jones.    He certainly has promise, but this is a huge blow since it puts alot more pressure on him.      But who knows....could be blessing in disguise for him.    Some players step up in times like this...maybe Jones will.    

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