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Week Two Recap: Defense Sleeps, then Feasts, Packers Roll

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42 minutes ago, Mazrimiv said:

Possibly ARI

They’re stronger than they’ve been in a while, but still have a lot to prove.  I know one thing, the 4th in their division teams last year who haven’t seemed to improve will not be happy to see them. That’s the Lions next week and Panthers the week after. 

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They always play SF and LA tough, which you would expect in division games. You’re right that they have some practice against the Shanahan system, are they able to defend it when it’s being driven by a  second year fluent, locked in savant like AR? Is anybody able to? I feel like they copied Sea a bit as Murray is as close to a Wilson clone as you can get. I believe they’re good, but they are still a team coming into their own and need to show they can do it consistently. 

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59 minutes ago, Mazrimiv said:

The thing I would fear about a match up with ARI is that they have shown that their defense can deal with the SF (now GB) offensive scheme.

Good thing we have Aaron Rodgers instead of Jimmy G... 

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8 minutes ago, Mazrimiv said:

We also have the GB players on defense and not SF's

We're talking about the offense being the same, the defense has nothing to do with this. They also just lost their best defender which is still irrelevant to the two of us running  similar offenses 

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++ rashan gary is good & i'm ready to eat crow 
++ jones, williams and aj dillon all bringing heat with every touch they get
++ every single offensive linemen that suited up today
+ did kevin king allow a catch today? i don't remember hearing his name. or last week for that matter.
+ jaire going hard/bringing energy when NOBODY else on D was during the 1st half
+ chandon sullivan getting picked a little early on, then coming up huge and pretty much putting the clamps on after the first couple drives
+ za'darius just doing what he does
+ MVS with another drop, but dude battled today. took his licks and hung in there. made some plays. not mad with his performance today.
+ josh jackson making a positive play on that deep ball
+ raven greene being back and healthy. apparently he made 2 tackles today? i didn't notice him. but glad he's back. 
+ vernon scott getting that sack and me not noticing him the rest of the day 
+ crosby and scott being solid again

- dean lowry ending up on his *** or getting stonewalled every play
- montravius adams... not good. 
- tyler lancaster... not good. 
- preston smith brining no juice today. looked lethargic for the most part, got eaten on a wheel route. bad day at the office from what i saw. 
- adrian amos was bad today... at least to a casual viewer that has no understanding of what his assignments or whatever probably were. seemed like one of his worst games i've seen. 
- darnell savage following up a bad performance with another bad performance. not even bringing spark like he did at maryland. not bringing much anything positive. 
- jace sternberger... yikes. 

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