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Clarkfn's 2020 Game Reviews Week 2 @ New York Jets

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Week 2 @ Jets



I want to preface this by saying that it is easy to see why Jimmy has command of the locker room and true belief from his teammates. Obviously, the high ankle sprain hampered him very early. After the injury he was unbelievably good. Nothing pushed too far down the filed, but he was accurate and was setting up for a very good day. The second TD throw was Jimmy giving Reed a chance. He put it there and showed off his arm talent once again. In fact, I would say throughout this whole game he was showing off his arm. He clearly wasn't able to drive off the back leg and was willing the ball to the receivers with his arm. The guy competes, which is what we tend to say all the time. They say 4-6 for the injury. My best guess here would be that he misses NY, PHI and MIA and they find a way to have him back for the season deciding stretch against the Rams, Pats, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, Rams and Bills. Mullens did what he needed to do coming into the game with a three score lead. I can't fault him for some of the mistakes. Shanny stated with real confidence that Nick will be ready and more prepared next week.

Grade: Jimmy G(A+), Mullens(C)


Explosive output from Mostert and it should have been so much more. He took the same play to the house a second time if not for the penalty. Not sure if the McG hold broke that for him or not as the replay was an awful angle. Mostert is going to explode like this one time every game. McKinnon looked good again. On the 3rd down run he showed very good vision to cut it back. I noticed that he didn't seem to have the same check out type speed that he used to have. This makes sense with the rash of knee issues over two seasons. Coleman was terribly inefficient in the run game. Nothing new from him, but I will say that a lot of his volume came with the defense already knowing that the run was coming. I continue to like this group as receivers. Each guy provides something different and I love the idea of having fresh legs late in games. These guys are going to play an important role going forward.

Grade: Mostert(A+), McKinnon(A), Coleman(C), Wilson(INC)


I thought the WR group played well. It wont show up statistically though. This group is limited without Deebo. Aiyuk looked like a rookie, but you can see the talent when the ball is in his hands. KB was very good in this game in my opinion. He had 4 catches, but more importantly he had a really good block on Mostert's TD run and he showed that he is on the same page with Mullens. KB could play a very important role in these coming weeks. Taylor is what he is. I don't see him ever being more than that at this point. Sanu was out there.....I like Sanu and I like the signing. It's a vet guy who can teach and provide the QB another option on 3rd down. He is also a very willing blocker. Pettis.........Leave him in NY please.

Grade: Bourne(B+), Aiyuk(C+), Taylor(C+), Sanu(INC), Pettis........Leave him in NY please......


It was pretty much a one man show at TE with Jordan Reed. Two things on this.....The first being that it is great to see he can still be utilized and be a factor, but I have one really big concern. There just doesn't appear to be much there down the field for him. Maybe its the route combos they are using to get him open, maybe it is the game plan for this game, but either way he is catching the ball really close to the LOS. He showed he could still run and still has athleticism on the first TD. I expect teams to really cinch down on him because Mullens isn't scaring any defenses which could make his job harder.

Grade: Reed(A), Dwelley(C)


I am frustrated with this group. I know that they are somewhat banged up, but it's just too inconsistent. Jimmy took too many hits in this game and they didn't exactly have him standing back there for very long. The run blocking was very good against a defense that was really good against the run in 2019. I'm choosing to grade this group as a whole because I didn't see enough to really grade them out individually. I saw the IOL regularly getting beat on pass plays. It is going to be an issue all season.

Grade: Run(B+), Pass(C+)


I was impressed by the depth players on the line. It would have been easy to just lay down after watching your teammates go down. Armstead was really good. He had the only sack and 3 pressures. Kinlaw once again flashed. I thought he was even better this week. I love what I see from Hyder. He is making the most of the opportunities and had 2 tackles along with 6 assists. As a whole this group was solid.

Grade: Armstead(A), Jones(B), Hyder(B), Kinlaw(B), Givens(B)


Saw some improvement from Kwon yesterday. He just appeared to be more in control. Warner was his normal consistent self. Greenlaw was a little quiet, but as a group they played well. These guys are going to need to step up in the coming weeks. 

Grade: Warner(B+), Kwon(B+), Dre(B)


For what they had to work with, this group was pretty good. I was originally concerned with the amount of catches they allowed to guys like Hogan and Berrios, but this is the Jets receiving core and someone has to catch the ball. I thought Spoon played well in coverage. He gave up one sideline ball where he looked like he was underneath the route and just guessed wrong. I was glad to see that they did not allow Perriman to get over the top. Moseley was his normal good self and I thought K'waun was good as well. This is a weird game because you get such a big lead and the Jets offense lacks any kind of threat or versatility that everything just ends up underneath which allows for some easier yards.

Grade: Spoon(B), Moseley(B+), Williams(B)


I thought these guys were all over the place. Ward was flying and hitting anything that moved. Tartt was around the ball a lot as well. They along with the LBs kept Herndon quiet. They played a lot around the LOS due to the Jets inability to throw downfield. It will only get more difficult going forward.

Grade: Tartt(B+), Ward(A)


No issues here except on the one punt return, but Im not ever against a Wish tackle. Gould hit a nice long FG.

Grade: B



The Jets are one of the 3 worst teams in football. Hard to take much away from this game other then the pass game appeared to get back on track for a half and the Niners did what they were supposed to do. I say it all the time Talent and execution wins games. 3rd downs were a different story this week. The injuries.....I don't know if its a turf issue. I have spent a ton of time on turf in Baseball and its brutal. Especially new turf. Bosa did appear to get his toe caught. Thomas looked like it was someone falling on the leg. Not sure what Mostert did and Jimmy's seemed like it's just this stupid year. IF these guys have a true issue with the field they need to refuse to play the game and try to leverage the NFL to move it. Here is the new reality. Bosa is going to miss the year. This one is brutal. You do not replace Nick Bosa's impact on a football field. It's always next man up, but in a case like this all these guys cannot make up what he brings to the D Line. Hopefully on Bosa its just an ACL and not a meniscus, LCL, PCL etc. It was nasty. Thomas apparently isn't feared to be as bad. I don't see how its not a tear, but we will see. Mostert I am not too concerned over. Coleman has a knee. I know many here would rather see Wilson anyway, but with a lack of WR depth they need all the help they can get. Jimmy is expected to be 4-6 weeks. Like I said before, I expect him back for LA. Good news is that NYG, Phi, MIA are on the schedule ahead and Mullens should be able to navigate these teams. Bad news, if Jimmy can get back for the LA stretch he will need to find his footing again, which may cause some issues getting started. We are about to learn a lot about the depth on the team and Shanahan's ability to coach. These guys can easily be 4-1 headed into a 7 game stretch that can decide the season. They could also be 3-2 and I think they need every easy win they can get. I would expect Ansah to come in and I would not be surprised if they give Suggs a call as well. They love the guys that they have in house, but you need people to make plays and they may lack that. Defensively, this team is going to need the back 7 to step up. DB's and S will need to cover longer and it will be interesting to see if they dial up more blitz packages. Either way guys will need to get pressure to create havoc around opposing QBs and Shanahan needs to find ways to get out in front early in games if they want to get to 4-1.

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The 49ers essentially blew out the Jets with their D squad. That says a lot about the depth of the team IMO. Yes, they are maybe the worst team in the league, but one of the marks of a good team is squashing inferior competition. The fact that they did that with their skeleton crew means they aren't just going to fold like lawn chairs despite missing their top dogs. 

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These are really awesome breakdowns. I know the time it must take to type all of that, good work! 

I wonder if mckinnon will return kicks this week. I know @Forge said he expects jeff wilson jr to get the most carries this week, and I would agree that Jet has his role in this offense and it shouldnt change much, but I think its a bit negligent to put him back there with the lack of RB depth we have all of a sudden.

I wonder if Hasty will get pulled up and be active while still on the practice squad, or if they will add him to the 53 man 

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