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Revamping playoff seeding

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For perspective, 21 of the league's 32 teams all had at least one playoff game at home between 2015 and 2019. Here are the last home playoff games for each of the other 11 teams:

Detroit: 1993 season (in previous stadium)
Cleveland: 1994 season (in previous stadium, First Energy Stadium is oldest current NFL venue never to host an NFL postseason game)
Buffalo: 1996 season
NY Jets: 2002 season (in previous stadium)
Las Vegas: 2002 season (while still in Oakland)
Tampa Bay: 2007 season
Miami: 2008 season
Tennessee: 2008 season
LA Chargers: 2009 season (while still in San Diego)
NY Giants: 2011 season
Indianapolis: 2014 season

Three home playoff game droughts date back to the 1990s, while the league was still six divisions. Two of those same droughts date back to when those teams played in their previous stadiums.

The Jets' last home playoff game likewise came while still playing in their previous stadium. Another two home playoff game droughts are of teams who have since relocated in the years following their most recent home playoff game.

So chances are most of these owners are going to push towards the removal of seeding priority for division winners if it means hosting a playoff game sooner.

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Would the players go for this? More teams means more playoff games/wear and tear on their bodies.

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