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Week Three Game Day Thread: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Taints


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4 minutes ago, fistfullofbeer said:

I am definitely bummed about Sternberger not being involved as much. Didn't expect much from him in his rookie year but expected him to be more involved this season.

It sounded like he was doing well before he got put on the Covid list. They never really expanded on that but something happened.  

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Just now, Rodjahs12 said:

Yeah his effort is certainly questionable but when he wants to be good he can be. Not a guy you wanna be giving 7 million dollars to but I prefer him the Patrick types with no real upside 

That's my problem with him.  If he had any sort of grit or want-to the guy would be an all-pro.  Instead he it seems like he half-***** it half the time and the other half he plays like an absolute *****.  At least when he's at guard they can hide him a little bit.

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16 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

It's gonna be 40.  You have to remember our offense is good this year and the Saints run up the score.  No way in hell we hold them under 40 points.  Not with Idiot Pettine calling the plays at least. 

Lolol c'mon outpost magic

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