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Week Three Game Day Thread: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Taints

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2 minutes ago, Kepler said:

Alright good game. Later folks. Back to ****hub


1 minute ago, HighCalebR said:

Why is there even a limit on footballs.

From watching balls being thrown, to balls being thrown, I guess it makes sense lol

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3-0 with ATL coming to GB next week.  

Might not see Clark or Adams for that game.  If there is any hint that they are not 100%, they likely sit.   Not that I would like that, but I could very well see it.   Give them each 3 full weeks from now before they play.

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Just now, pacman5252 said:

Going into NO without 2 of our top 4 players and winning is massive.

Agree. Big win. Lazard, Tonyan, Sternberger stepped up.
Our OL held up.  Keke and others contributed along the DL.

We pulled out a big win IMO.

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3 minutes ago, Herbie_Hancock said:

I chose to watch the packers last 5 minutes over having sex with my wife. 
Am I a bad person?

Na, she's waiting on you to start... and you'll be waiting on her to finish... it'll all even out

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