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Week Three Game Day Thread: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Taints


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2 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

Also, 2-0 in division, 3-0 in conference.  Great start to the season.  Have to get the #1 seed this year.  No road games.  

Hey it could happen!
The offense seems to have matured in both conception and execution.

Did you catch that stat that we’re 5-0 without D. Adams? It’s easy to see why that might be.

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8 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

When did tuddy happen?  I have never seen a TD referred to as a tuddy and I’ve seen it twice tonight.  Did this just happen?


6 minutes ago, Uffdaswede said:

I have a twenty-five year old son. I dig his lingo.

Don’t be an L7 man.

Yeah about this age range. Ive heard it for YEAARS.

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Just now, KFP7 said:

this seems crazy, but did we go a full game without needing a time-out due to the play-clock running out!? When was the last time that happened?

Such a good sign!

 I didn’t mind Kamara doing Kamara things tonight except for the five missed tackle play—that will live in highlight hell as long as the Patriot guard kickoff return has.

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