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2020: Week 3 - @ Indianapolis Colts

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6 hours ago, Rockice_8 said:

I can't do 0 and 16.  We need at least 1 win.

Agreed. I really don't want to be added to the very short, pathetic list of teams that went 0-16.

But at this stage I'll settle for 1 win and the first overall pick.

We don't have much competition for it, really.

  • Minshew will win the jags some games
  • The Giants and "Football Team" play each other and the entire NFC East is awful
  • The Broncos aren't that bad. They've played 3 good teams and have plenty of winnable games coming up
  • Burrow and the Bengals will improve as the season goes along
  • The Texans have too much talent to lose more than 10 games
  • Ditto for the Vikings
  • The Falcons can't blow leads forever
  • Matt Stafford is way better than Darnold
  • The Panthers and Chargers... already have a win? I don't have much else on them. They might be our main competition
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36 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

This game against Denver is really our only “winnable” game for the next several weeks. And that’s only bc Lock is out.

For the last several years I have been saying the NFL is a offensive league. You can't have enough good WR's on you roster. And you better have a play making QB or you will go nowhere in this league. They said last night thru the first three games more point have been scored than any other time in the history of the NFL. All during training camp all I heard was how great Herndon looks, the only passes this guy gets is at the line scrimmage. he has no down field game at all. I also think with Lock out the Denver game is our only chance to win a game this year.

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4 minutes ago, GangGreen420 said:

It should be if this organization has any interest in finding out if Darnold is salvageable or not 

Over the next few weeks we should see Mims, Perriman, and Crowder all back on the field.  If we make the change to JBC and let Darnold sling it the second half of the year that should be enough to evaluate him for 2021.  I do think there is still enough time to get a good evaluation of Sam.  Just need to get some of these weapons on the field soon.

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