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Notable/Historic/General Stats, Observations, Records, and Trends: Ravens Edition

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9 hours ago, DreamKid said:


I wonder what the most is regardless of 1950. Also worth noting that if we're leading at the half, as that game graphic against the Texans showed we would break the tie and official climb into the top 3 all time for most consecutive games with a lead at the half at 13. Would at that point in time simply need 7 more games (IIRC) with such criteria to be #1 of all time in the entire 100 year history of the NFL. Would be incredibly impressive a feat to accomplish.



According to the CBS broadcast, Baltimore became the first team in NFL history to win three consecutive season openers by 30 points or more.

That’s another one that’s pretty interesting. With Lamar in tow, would be interesting if we can extend this record out some over the next few years or more.

Lastly one of the stats you brought up to start this season. The most consecutive times a team has won the NFL rushing crown at, was it four years, I believe 5 to pass. Currently due to Lamar starting just one week too late as a rookie, we only have one season with such an accomplishment.

Currently the Ravens rushing attack ranks in 4th place with a 170 yds/game average. They will need to step it up a notch or so to ensure they once again recapture the throne to at least get on the consecutive list of multi-time winners.

Currently GB is averaging just over 200 yds rushing/game. I don’t find their rushing success particularly sustainable, but if the Ravens want to win they’ll clearly need to start kicking their run production into high gear.

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