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Top QBs under 30

Top NFL QBs Under 30  

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On 15/08/2017 at 2:31 PM, jalopy jamoke said:

I totally expect the Raiders to compete with the patriots in the afc championship.

for carr it's only a matter of time.

start building a stronger defense though.

Wilson had a strong supporting cast, and the defense 

luck is talented, but he doesn't make clutch plays.

Prescott has elliott, witten  and Bryant to make him look good.

It's complete garbage that people wanna use Prescott's supporting cast against him, but say absolutely nothing about Carr's. Carr has a better pass protecting oline and certainly last year a better receiving core. Bryant hasn't played like anything close to a top 5 WR since 2014 and Witten is 35. I find it funny seeing people trash Bryant in discussions of the best WR's in the league then use him as a reason for Prescott's success. He has a great supporting cast, but so do a lot of the other QB's who had great success last year. At least be consistent with your evaluation.

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Supporting Prescott. Sure homer pick, but believing last year was no fluke. 

But if I was starting a franchise. It would be Carr considering his proven years. 

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Newton/Wilson so far at this point, followed by Carr, Mariota and Winston in no particular order as to who will turnout to be the best. Prescott is another Alex Smith and not in the same league as these 5. Luck would be tops by far, but his career may be over, sad.

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Forgot Wilson

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Wilson's body of work takes this one here. He takes the cake with higher consistency than everybody else, highest performance under pass blocking duress, superior arm talent and arguably the best deep ball in the game. The most underapreciated aspect of his game? His play from the pocket as a pure passer. Too bad he doesn't have a pocket very often and/or never had a trustworthy interior OL for him to even expect one.

I think he's followed by Luck, Carr, Newton, Stafford, Mariota, Cousins, Prescott and Winston in that order.

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