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Week Three Recap: Pack Dat

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9 hours ago, Rodjahs12 said:

Every defensive hold on a pass rusher is sus. Logically it makes no sense for the guy trying to get a sack in any situation so I wasn’t surprised to see Z confused by the call at the time at all. 

Holds against pass rushers go uncalled all the time, especially on stunts

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50 minutes ago, Beast said:

The Z thing only looks like a hold due to the spin of the OL, but the spin is caused more by the OLB

That's my feel. It wasn't a good call but you could see how it might look like a hold in real time. 

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6 minutes ago, vegas492 said:

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you didn't get done.

Basically took the words out of my mouth with the Khalil Mack deal... as I've never loved the idea of paying a team full price for a player, just to give said player full price contract.

And Raiders were wanting two 1st or a 1st and Kenny Clark... and then the cash we wouldn't of been able to buy the big FAs. 

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Rodgers improved play has been largely attributed to greater familiarity with the system.  

But part of it has just been throwing better, more accurate throws.  He's had a lot of open throws... but he's been making them, and not making them overly difficult.  

**Particularly the deep balls.**  His completion percentage on the deep balls thus far has been unsustainable; last year it was lousy.  There were a number of balls where MVS in particular was open deep, and Rodgers just badly overthrew him.  

Collinsworth noted **how much air he put under the second Lazard bomb**, and I thought that was really interesting.  The first one had quite a bit of air, too.  In past I think he tended more towards rockets and less hang time.  I'm wondering whether that's coincidence, or whether Rodgers has consciously recognized the value in doing that?  

Obviously more hang time gives defenders more time to catch up.  And if there's a second guy from a second angle coming over to help, more air gives that guy more time to come and intercept or knock the ball away.  But it also gives a guy like Lazard more time to get to the ball, to adjust his speed (including slowing down) and get his feet and balance prepared and timed to make the catch... AND to position his body between the ball and the chasing defender.  That seems particularly useful for a big-body guy like Lazard, and probably for tall long MVS also.  What's the defender behind supposed to do? Sure, he's faster and can maybe run up and catch up.  But Lazard can use the body to shield, keep his hands free and unimpeded, and either catch the ball or perhaps have the defender run up onto his back or grab his arms and get a pass interference call.  Seems really win-win when there isn't a second defender closing fast.  

Hope Rodgers continues to have opportunity to do that.  

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I know our D# doesn't look how we would like it to be, but just look up the scores all around the league. This weird offseason killed the defenses as it seems, and in the big moments they still stepped up, providing game changing plays, getting some key stops. Maybe early bye helps us in this season more than a late would. R-E-L-A-X

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