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2020 Week #7 GDT Steelers at Titans

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2 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

So, while I initially thought they screwed us -- I now cant think of a better scheduling gift to be given by the football gods. Think about the way this season has worked out and progressed us nicely. 

You are more optimistic with this than I am.  That is a heck of a three game road stretch that we have and four pretty tough games in a row by moving the schedule. I get that you make the most of a situation and you play regardless of how it goes. The ole Brock Lesner line on UFC,  you get the leftover chicken, so you make chicken salad. You can't make scrambled eggs without breaking a few eggs and with the crushed lemons, you add some water and sweetener and make lemonade. Ravens get a week off to prepare which can be a gift or a problem next week. This week we are facing an even more confident and secure Titans team as well. Then we still have to travel to Dallas where they have not always played well. I am still going with the half full approach, but man we may need some new football gods. Especially if this stretch doesn't go well. 😁

2 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

The first four weeks were honestly like a pre-season only in a year without one. We got the college experience - low end teams for "practice" with a QB coming back from a year off, some rookie contributors like Claypool, Highsmith, and Dotson, and some injuries like Decastro and Banner allowing time for a new set up OL to settle. 

"low end teams." Wow. What does that say about us as every opponent except last week almost beat us! 😨  The lemonade is getting sweeter, but let's hope nobody decides to pee in it. I commend the team and coaches for making the best of the circumstances.  I have never seen a group of rookies contribute like this on the Steelers in a long time. In fact, I would really need to go back and figure that out because I can't remember a time off the top of my head. 


2 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

Then we got a better team in the Browns who have a run heavy PA approach, with a average/above average oline, and a meh to decent QB.

We still have to play them again week #17.  An OL who allows a team to run for 300 yards in a game is very good. I don't think Baker is a meh QB. I think he is better than just decent. The Browns are 4-2.  I think that we beat a good football team. In fact, one that will make the play-offs as a WC and challenge the Ravens and us for the division crown. It isn't over yet. There are 11 more regular season games to be played. 

Now we get the Titans...a run heavy PA approach, with an above average/good oline, and a decent/good QB. 

The Titans QB is playing at an extremely high level. The OL is very well balanced and block well to protect Ryan and open holes for Henry. Our interior DL may be better than it has been since the 2005 and 2008 eras. Tyson, Tuitt, and Cam are playing very well as a unit and have been able to penetrate to disrupt many ball carriers getting started. They will need to do this the next several weeks with Henry, LaMaar and Ingram, Zeke, and Joe on the schedule for the next four games.

Its honestly like this season has just been stepping stones to this point, with increasing talents each week. 

I only think that these are stepping stones (win or lose) if they are actually leading you to the mountain (hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as champions). We went 15-1 in Ben's rookie year and loss in the AFC Championship game because the team was running out of steam instead of peaking as they did earlier in the year beating Philly and  New England.  The same held true for 2017 the year that we finally got over the hump (nope). We couldn't play defense and lost a huge come from behind shootout with the Jaguars. I am optimistic, but at the same time cautious and taking it one game at a time. 

If we lose no one's gonna care that we beat the brakes off the Browns. If we lose to both the Titans and Browns, then we weren't that good anyway. I see how fans and media have jumped off Buffalo and Green Bay after a loss or two. News flash: They are still good football teams. I like the look and feel of this team and it has some things that are similar to the 2008 feel. I don't think that Dolphins have to worry about losing their one and only perfect year, but I do believe that this is a special football team regardless of the circumstances. I just don't believe it is because everything is or has gone rosy. 

2 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

Then next week we get one of the better offenses - with a run heavy pa/motion approach - in the Ravens. Thought the change sucked, now can't think of a better way I would choose to have a schedule. 

We get Steelers football straight through. That is what I love.  I am sure we will be back to heart attack level football against the Titans. I am hopeful that we play our best game against probably our best opponent thus far. I am onboard with the optimism, but I don't think/feel like all of this laid out perfectly for us. 

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