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2K20: Game #4 - New England at Kansas City

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3 minutes ago, kingseanjohn said:

Townsend has had some good bounces. He just needs to get that initial bounce inside the 5 and not the endzone.

That last one was a beauty, just missed it by a smudge.   We made the correct call on that one 

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Townsend averaged 60 yards per punt, with a net of 48. I'll take that any time. With his hang time, we still ought to be able to get under them.

I want to see how Danna is doing, but a Rotation of Shark, TK and Taco is still pretty good.

The point was made earlier that our LB look a lot better when the DT are manning their gaps. That's going to be a trade off. 


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15 hours ago, samsel23 said:

It’s still weird for me to see an Andy Reid team not using timeouts early,  Mahomes definitely helps his clock management 

Last time Andy pulled that Mahomes yelled at him(not in his face or anything but he was pissed off they were wasting opportunities)

Have you also noticed that we get the plays off a lot faster than Alex Smith ever did? He was constantly on coach to hurry up with the play calls, now it’s not an issue 


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