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Week #4 - General Football Talk

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1 hour ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Raiders top 3 WRs are likely out this week:

  1. Tyrell Williams - Shoulder, done for year
  2. Ruggs - Hamstring, likely out
  3. Bryan Edwards - Ankle sprain - Confirmed out

Just what we need vs. Josh Allen's Bills.

Zay Jones revenge game.

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22 minutes ago, EvilenFroggen said:

I can't say for sure I'll watch a snap of TNF this week.  That said, morbid curiosity and my addiction to the NFL may win out.

There is somthing about losing your starting QB on a team thats clearly on its way to 4 wins max that makes me very disinterested in even tuning in. 

If everybody else on the team was hurt but Lock was healthy I would watch for his progression, now that he is out, whats the point. To watch a QB whose not going to be on the roster next season throw to a bunch of rookie/UDFA wide receivers?

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