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Week #4 - General Football Talk

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3 minutes ago, SkippyX said:

Gonna wait and see on Tua being dominant in his first full year of play but their turnaround from last September has been impressive.

+ Houston is feeding them with a top 10 pick.

It's going to be the second time Houston has done that in the last 4 years or so. Granted, the first time was to secure Watson, so maybe worth it, but that pick they gave to Cleveland ended up as what, #4 ?

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1 minute ago, JammerHammer21 said:

Yeah, no doubt he's still learning and will make mistakes, but the arm talent looks legit, and he's not just locking on to targets constantly. Very happy with his performance so far, even if a couple of his mistakes have probably led to the losses so far.

Definitely. This year wasn't going to go anywhere with Taylor at QB anyway, so you'll take the rookie mistakes as long as he learns from them. The experience/development is more valuable than the wins this year, honestly. Like, let's be real, you guys probably beat us if he doesn't make that deep cross body interception, but as long as he takes that and learns, that's perfectly fine.

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