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Week #4 - General Football Talk

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5 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

I figured since 25% of his yards came on 1 play. And slots dont generally have plays that long. At least not regularly and not rookies. 

His first 2 weeks he was playing the slot but ended up getting the start on the outside in week 3 versus the Titans and put up 175 yards and proceeded to put up 103 yards last week on 4 rec. Dude can def play in this league and has made some great catches this year along with great adjustments on the ball while it’s in the air. 

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4 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

Yeah but the play I posted was actually supposed to happen, as opposed to this one just being Griff Whalen messing up. 

Fair point...

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1 hour ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:


That awesome play was the result of the rules changes in 1933 which allowed forward passing from the LOS. Previously, they had to be 5 yards back from LOS to throw a pass. It was also the first year they divided the league into 2 divisions with the Giants winning the East and Bears winning the West and then taking the League Title 23-21 at Wrigley Field.  More below


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NFL Talking heads pretending Foles is the only QB who does not perform the same exact way game to game or half to half is cute.

  • Brady has been all over the place this year.
    • A pair of pick sixes
    • forgetting the down
    • a perfect 2nd half vs the Chargers
  • Lamar Jackson's passing numbers by game this year:
    • 275
    • 204
    • 97
    • 193
  • Matt Ryan has a 128 rating one week and a 67 rating the next.
  • Rivers costs the Colts the game in week 1 with 2 bad picks.
    • He's only thrown 1 pick in the other 3 weeks.
  • Teddy has 3 turnovers vs Tampa and 1 in the other 3 games combined.
  • Fitzmagic's ratings in his 4 games this year
    • 133
    • 100.3
    • 66.4
    • 44.6
    • Consistency!
  • Wentz goes up 17 on DC and then can't stop giving the ball to them.
    • His 2020 ratings are not even consistent when all mostly bad
      • 81.4 (this is the one with the practice quad WRs vs SF)
      • 72.5
        • This game he was well over 100 rating after 5 drives and then below 50 for the rest of the game
      • 62.8 (this is the one against the Bengals)
      • 56.5
  • Goff puts up 37 on Philly and 17 on the Giants
  • Dak was outscored 29-10 at the half vs Atlanta and flipped it to 30-10 in the 2nd half.
    • He scored 14, 0, 0, 24 in the 4 quarters vs Cleveland
  • Cam's ratings in 3 games
    • 100.7 with 2 TD runs
    • 94.6 with 2 TD runs
    • 73.8 with only 27 yards rushing on 9 carries
      • His passing yards were 155, 397, 162
  • Cousins' ratings in 4 games this year
    • 127.1
    • 118.6
    • 96.4
    • 15.9


This is the NFL. The other team is trying to make you look bad. Almost every QB is streaky. 

The ones who avoid the dips wind up in MVP conversation that year. (Russ, Rodgers, Allen, and Mahomes so far)

Baker has led his team to 45, 35, 34, and 6 points.

  • 100+ rating in 3 and 65 in the other.

Look at Goff. In 2019 he had 5 games below 70 rating and 4 games above 100

Even Super Bowl Goff of 2018 had a 3 week dip and an uneven playoffs with a bad Super Bowl.


These guys did not all catch Nick Foles disease. They are just playing QB in the NFL.

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