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Games Balls and Whatever: Browns at Dallas


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GB: Dak....

Sry Dak haters. These losses are not on Dak. They weren't all garbage as yards. Not when you get within 3 with 4 minutes to go.

Whatevers: The entire defense yet again. Nolan sucks monkey nuts and needs to go. He hasn't had a good defense over the last decade. To many others to list.

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Game Ball - Dak Prescott

I mean, It doesn't matter what you do until the 4th quarter when you're down by multiple scores and the clock is your enemy. Those 1st 3 quarters don't matter in the grand scheme. Things like extending drives, keeping your porous defense OFF the field, winning the time of possession through 3 quarters are all old football strategy and out of date. Waiting until the 4th quarter and then balling out is how money is made

500 yards? That's got to be good for a Game Ball and FedEX Air Player of the week. Possibly even a Win Above Replacement from PFF. Have to wait for the All22 to see how that shakes out

Jockstrap: Jerry Jones and Company. For the lack of assets and resources allocated to the defense

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1 minute ago, buddy_z34 said:

Crazy that Tyron hasnt practiced in over 2 weeks. Has one full practice and a few limited practices this week and dude doesnt miss a beat. 

Yup. Didnt even worry about his side. C-Will ruins that left side though.

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Even tho it may I appear so, I am I'm not a Dak humper., (which I say almost every week). He certainly should have gotten picked more than he did today. But my hang up is, we shouldn't be throwing almost 60 times anyway. So he throws close to 500 yards, 3TD's and 1 INT and loses because of a crappy Defense. Yet, if when have a good D and he goes 18 for 24 for 210 and a TD. He's just a game manager.

I don't care if any of our QB's are gunslingers or game mangers as long as we win.

But sometimes I'm embarrassed for this fan base.


EDIT: Not directed at DaBoys even tho this post is after his.

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