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The Good, Bad, Ugly vs Buffalo

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3 minutes ago, drfrey13 said:

I just want to make this very clear.  The offense is better than the defense.  So much so we need the offense to help the defense.  The criticism of the offense is for the past 2 games and not the first 2.  This could be directly related to injuries and to a lesser extent the defense not playing well.  We will not be able to tell for a few weeks.  Also I do not want to see anybody but Carr behind center right now.  He is easily our best options.  If we are out of the playoff hunt or Carr completely craps the bed then and only then do I want to see MM.


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11 hours ago, NCOUGHMAN said:

And #1 in fumbles per drive. maybe ny can tell us how many plays before Each fumble

Surely the stats where we are 2nd best in the whole league in plays per drive and 3rd in time of possession per drive are inclusive of this and take this into account already.

This is a case where the numbers are the facts, time of possession is a measurable stat, plays per drive is quantifiable, its not a number that's interpreted or taken in a certain context.

The hypothesis that our offense is not helping our defence by getting too many 3 and outs or fumbling away possession is demonstrably false. Our offense is the 3rd best in the entire league at the above! Anyone saying otherwise is just making excuses or trying to create a straw man argument.

Obviously, our offense needs to improve but I would hypothesize that the offense is in fact helping the defence but the defence is hindering the offense.

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This is another problem with not taking deep shots. 
driving the ball 80 yards for tds, going 4-5 yards a time, is great when you get the TD.
But that is a lot of plays and obviously the opposing D can make plays too. 

you need to be so perfect all game for that strategy to work. 
last two weeks we have been far from perfect. 

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