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Should we be terrified of Jack Easterby?

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3 hours ago, Longhorns90 said:


They're going to be bringing in someone else to find a GM. Easterby will act as GM, but like Crennel will only be interim.

He’s basically just a figurehead cause the NFL says you have to state your GM and HC. That’s why interim guys are named. Cal said all that in his presser.

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To answer the OP's question.  YES!  Clowney and Hop fleecings had Easterby's thinly veiled  "character" fingerprints all over them. Not sure if Cal is quite as much of a right-wing christian fundamentalist as daddy was, but Pastor Jack got in the right peoples ear about Hop's "baby momma's" and somehow turned it into Aaron Hernandez, Jevon Belcher level issue which is where he made his "name."  I'm terrified he will lead us in the direction of some Hugh Freeze type hypocritical bible banger and somewhere down the road we will find ourselves with Kirk Cousins leading the huddle in bible study.  To be clear, I don't have anything against a religious head coach and maybe this angle leads us to Dabo, but it also could lead us to Marvis Lewis or Mark Richt type. I've never had a problem with this franchise including character as an important intangible as I don't want to ever be in the Antonio Brown business, but we have dipped our toes into some pretty shaky ground when it comes to cultural and racial issues especially when being all-in defending and paying Cushing because he checks some "right" boxes with ownership while bouncing Nuk, Clowney, Brown, Foster, AJ, et al.  To be blunt, I think this team has had a simmering racial issue for years now and hiring a guy like Bieniemy would go a long way to fixing that issue whether real of perceptual.  Make no mistake, Bieniemy is more than qualified to coach this team on his own merits and gets the Andy Reid stamp of character approval, but I just worry that a guy like Easterby will be the one in Cal's ear with scary stories about Eric being a "Q" (you know the "branding" fraternity from Howard) and a silly incident at Colorado that got Eric banned for a year.   

Look, had my boy Rhule been available (that Panthers team has 0-5 talent and sits in first place), I would have been all aboard the Easterby train and Frank Reich fits the Easterby mold too, but simple fact is that I just don't trust the dude. We just got rid of one power mad egomaniacal zealot and it's just scary that Easterby is cut from the same cloth even if he does it with hugs and happy prayers instead of profane tantrums.  I just want us to be a championship football org, not someone's Sunday school project.

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