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Week 5 GDT: Eagles at Steelers - FIRST PLACE SZN

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11 minutes ago, AZ_Eaglesfan said:

It wasn’t ALL his fault. Was a risky throw regardless, if there was no illegal contact(that wasn’t called) Ertz probs at least bats it down. 

Yeah I mean I don't think Brady makes that throw, he probably sees the bodies and is able to mentally process quick enough the risk/reward, but it's kind of just good defense more than a QB mistake. Still something I'm sure you look at as QB and regret, unlike say the 2nd INT which you probably don't even think about for 1 second ever again.

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I thought there were a lot of positives to take away from this game though. Problem is we're 1-3-1 lol. Obviously Fulgham, Sanders killed it, OL seemingly had a strong game, DL continues to play well. Hopefully Slay and Johnson are okay. McLeod looks probably the best he's ever looked here. Last but not least, Wentz looked the best he's looked all season against the best defense he's seen all season. Really stings bc we had a real legit shot to win at the end there. We were in a position of power there on that missed FG drive. Oh well. Go Giants.

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37 minutes ago, RBreezy said:

I agree with this. He looked good today, but he still doesn't look like a guy who should be making the money he makes.

As a person who never saw the game outside of highlights. Id like to reiterate His leading WR that had a career day has only played 8 QT's of actual NFL football. His #2 a UDFA with what 5 games started, #3 a Rookie, #4 a 2nd rd Bust???

How in the 🤬 is that supposed to be a recipe for success? Familiarity, chemistry and continuity on offense from a QB/WR perspective, seriously?

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