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JJ Watt?


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Zrebiec said the most glaring need for the Ravens remains the pass rush, and a name that's being mentioned as a potential trade candidate is Houston Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J. Watt.

"What [the Texans] have to do, and this is really uncomfortable for them, is to trade Watt," Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd said. "... He's wildly popular in Houston and he will be forever, but if you don't have draft picks and you don't have draft picks going forward, you can get both moving one player.

"He's perfect for Seattle. He's perfect for Baltimore. ... 

So the last time Watt played an entire season was back in 2018 when he finished with 16 sacks, 7 FFs, and 4 PDs on the season. That said he’s played in half the games or less in three of his last four seasons. Though he’s played 4 games this season and currently has 2 sacks on the season (both against our squad). JJ Watt has this season and next season left on his deal where he’s owed $15.5m and $17.5m respectively; which coincides with the time the team has left with Calais Campbell. Speaking of Campbell a DL composed of: Campbell/McPhee- Williams/Madubuike- Watt/Wolfe, would definitely be both deep and ferocious.

So with all that being said, if Houston was in the market to move Watt by the trade deadline (which if they lose to the Titans in week 6 that’ll all but wrap up their playoff chances): 1) Would you be interested in JJ Watt considering his injury history? 2) If you are, what type of value would you be willing to give up in the form of draft pick compensation, in order to acquire his talents? Does the fact that this is a Covid college season with likely even less info to go on with the prospects influence your decision making here?


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Highly, HIGHLY doubt they would trade him. Too much sentimental attachment to Houston. Fans would revolt if they let go of their most beloved player.


With that said, I would absolutely trade for him. As you said, with the college season and scouting hindered by Covid, I feel draft position will mean less this year. Given age, contract, and injury history, I would be willing to part with a 3rd (possibly a 2nd) for his services. That defensive line would be absolutely insane and (in theory) should help take some of the burden off of our underwhelming OLBs.

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Yeah, I don’t particularly find it too realistic. Though I’m more curious what type of value he would go for if made available on the market.

As was stated, he’s not quite the DPOY type of talent he used to be so multiple 1sts would be out of the question considering his age and two years remaining on his deal.

I will say this, the new regime has limited flexibility to improve the team and if JJ is particularly unsettled, it’s possible. I agree with the consensus here about it being only about a 1-5% chance he could hit the market this trade season. However if Houston, with a new regime, continues to be in rebuild/retool mode... with only one year left on his deal, it wouldn’t shock me if he were in play at next seasons trade deadline. I’d put such chances in such a scenario at something more like 35%. Similar to how Ray almost left in FA back the year where he and Bart Scott approached free agency and there was limited money available because of the deal we had just given (was it Suggs?) or how Kobe almost demanded a trade from the Lakers to the Bulls, before they got Gasol and then brought back Phil. Beloved city figures have been traded before, given another season of mismanagement and wasting his championship opportunity, I definitely think the chances would increase significantly of Watt demanding a trade. And Houston fans would be understanding as they wouldn’t want Watt wasting his final years on a bad/mismanaged team. This season, I agree might be one year too early... unless another team vastly overpays.

Was an intriguing idea that I hadn’t considered nonetheless. And an intriguing idea that would improve the pass rush, which is a need for us to truly elevate to championship level IMO (that or Lamar needs to elevate into an elite passer, which I find him only to be good to great as a passer, but benefits from his elite leg talents... I’d put his passing talent on a similar plane to Derek Carr, with stronger decision making).

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