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Week 5: Jaguars (1-3) vs Texans (0-4)

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Watching Smoot and Jones ball, Hamilton getting more opportunities to rush, etc. is just further indictment on the coaching staff.

We were without probably our 3 best players on defense yesterday so the guys above got a shot and played very, very well. We probably had our best game defensively of the year despite no Josh Allen (easily our best pass rusher/has been plenty solid this year), Myles Jack (has played arguably as good as any LB in the NFL this year), and CJ (has had his lumps but still, better than any other corner on this team easily), how does this happen?

Why in the hell were these guys not being used more/focused earlier? Why were we trotting out a rookie 7th round pick like Claybrooks? Although Smoot has gotten solid PT, the guy had 6.5 sacks last season while being a backup/limited snaps. Why didn't he get more of a chance to be featured opposite Allen consistently ad a rusher? Abry Jones was our NT in a historically bad run defense/Taven Bryan is Taven Bryan, yet Hamilton has been getting modest amount of snaps when he's jumping off the screen a lot of the time?

This defense has been atrocious and if we don't have the guys we had out yesterday, who knows if we see these guys in these spots at all this year (mainly looking at Jones, but the other two not getting more PT/put in better spots is a red flag too).

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