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One Hit Wonder QBs

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Bobby Hoying vs Boomer in the late 90s

Rodney Peete leading the Eagles to 50+ in a playoff game over the Lions.

I think there was a Cowboy who had to play for Staubach on Thanksgiving once.

Nick Mullens was up there with Patrick Mahomes for about 3 seconds (I think it was last Thursday) 😀


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This one needs some setup (I got it second hand being near but not actually in NY)

  • We are still a few years away from WFAN going on the air

In the 1983 draft your team passes on Marino and the fans at the draft go nuts. Who the heck is Ken O'Brien?

  • Many of you have all seen the boo clips of the Marino draft

You've got a pretty good team by 1985.

  • You still have the NY Sack Exchange on D
  • You have Freeman McNeil carrying the rock.
  • You've got Toon and Shuler catching everything underneath and Walker going deep.
  • This O'Brien kid is no Dan Marino, but he can play
    • 11 wins to 5 losses
    • 60.9% completions
    • 3888 yards
    • 25 TDs
    • only 8 picks
    • He led the league in QB rating, whatever that is (hey, its 1985 and I'm waiting on Street and Smith for my offseason stats)
    • The next year he goes 8-6 and adds on another 12 picks.
    • He muddles through 6 more crappy years at 30 wins 40 losses and bad stats

When my team gets a promising young QB (Foles and Wentz for recent examples) I actually hope he won't be an O'Brien after they have that first good year.

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Jay Schroeder had that flashy Pro Bowl year in 1986 in Washington, outting up a franchise record 4100 yds (heck of a lot back then) but got injured and replaced by Doug Williams who took Washington to the Superbowl and parlayed that one Pro Bowl season into a trade to the Raiders.

Underwhelmed with his big arm but erratic decision making, lack of touch or accuracy and apparently personality clashes. Posted a couple sub 50% completion seasons and was out......... Anyone remember his 5 interception game in Buffalo 😁😬 


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