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Huge shoutout to Stoutland

DeSean Jackson

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It's amazing how good of a coach this guy is, it seems like we always have mid to late round and undrafted FAs looking like future starters. I don't know if I should credit Roseman and the scouting staff or Jeff. This season with 3-5 and sometimes 4-5 starters down and our oline looks really good. Brandon Brooks was a average olinemen in houston but once he came here he went from top 15 RG to number 1. Jason Kelce rebounded from being hated in the philly community and everyone screaming to cut him, to the best center. He likes to thank a renewed focus on technique, as he says he lost it. Jordan Mailate came into the league with no experience playing football, and the first preseason games he played he looked awesome, with a good kickout. Three years later he looks like he can be a future starting LT. Jason Peters should be the backup when he's healthy enough to return as his best trait is the kickout and he can't do that half as good anymore, he kicks out and loses balance causing him to be prone to a bull rush, also when he kicks out he doesnt have the athleticism to retreat back inside if the pass rusher goes inside with a spin move. This isn't going to get better with his knee injury. Lets move on to Nate Herbig, this guy is a stud and should replace Issac from here on out. He has the strength and the IQ to play that position. Issac should be focused on taking over for Kelce once he retires. It's great to think about were set on oline for years to come with only using one high round pick in the recent drafts, and we can use our draft capital else where.

Oline of the future

Jordan or Dillard, Herbig, Kelce soon to be replaced by Issac, Brooks, Lane

Since we have our oline, Tes, HB,QB hopefully set for the future. Dline will be good for the next year. So we can bypass that as well as corner.

Next year we should focus on Lb,Safety, WR 1 and a slot.

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I think LT and C remain pretty huge question marks, and honestly who knows how many more seasons, if any, Brooks has in the tank coming off 3 straight season ending surgeries and being 30+. Lane should hold down RT for forseeable future, and between Herbig and Isaac at least 1 guard spot looks fine, if not both if Brooks is not the same. I don't feel comfortable assuming Isaac could slide over to center and do a good job, he never looked particularly good at C in limited times he played there at NFL level. I'd like to bring in some sort of security, whether FA or rookie, to compete for C spot if the plan is indeed to move him there, assuming Kelce retires. With LT, while it's not certain if we're secure there, we don't really need to invest anything more into it in the immediate future between Jordan and Dillard. Our OL situation is good but not great. Lot of it comes down to Brooks, a top 3 guard in the NFL swings the scale.


I agree with the sentiment of this thread though, we are blessed to have Stoutland (and Mudd before him). Our OL has been ravaged by injuries yet has managed to look pretty damn good the past 3 weeks, and for years have graded out as a top run blocking unit. OL is all about working as 1 and being in sync, and that becomes pretty tough when the personnel is changing week by week, so credit goes to Stoutland for our OL's good play despite the chaos they have faced.

Plus he turned Big V into a $50M man! Early on that kid looked like he wouldn't even last in this league.

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Honestly, We have been spoiled with good OL coaches since Juan Castillo came here. After him was Howard Mudd and then Stoutland. Castillo was able to turn Hank Fraley and Jamaal Jackson into great centers and had Runyan and Tra Thomas as his tackles. He prioritized being huge AF and being aggressive AF. Mudd showed us you can still be big AF but also fast. Stoutland took that idea and gave it HGH and steroids. 

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I´m not so big on Herbig, I may be missing something.

As we stand we really are unathletic at Guard and we don´t seem to be very good at run blocking at the moment. This current O Line is serviceable which is a testament of the great job Stoutland has done with the player he is given.

Seumalo seems to have improved quite a bit lately, I really want to have him back soon, plus we don´t have any pullers on the current starters and that is a staple of our offense. 

Thought Driscoll was supposed to be our backup RG, it will be interesting to see what becomes of him as the season progresses. 

It looks like this season is going to be about evaluating more than anything.

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