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A huge reason there should be CFP title games played outdoors in cold-weather cities


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Why are Super Bowls that are played north done in the domed stadiums?  Why does Wrestlemania go with a southern stadium, with the exception being the Meadowlands?  

Just because you think this is a good idea, doesn't mean that it's going to take hold.  There are a lot of reasons why this won't happen, and nothing you post here or other places is going to change that. 

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Does anyone like the taste of Dr. Pepper?  I've not known anyone that likes it.  I can't digest it myself, only thing worse to me is Diet Dr. Pepper.  Best thing Dr. Pepper is known for is sponsoring kids with no athletic ability throwing shovel passes through a hole and getting 100K towards college as a result.  They must be good at marketing to afford these giveaways though, because the drink tastes awful.  I'm trying to picture in my mind whether a hot Dr. Pepper might taste better.  I can't get there.  It might be a funny practical joke though to give someone one of those, with the person thinking it's tea or coffee or something else.  Interesting marketing pitch here though...

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