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BDL 2020 Week 5 - Seoul Dragons @ Camden Hood Rats


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BDL 2020 Week 5

Match: Seoul Dragons @ Camden Hood Rats 

Away Owner: @TedLavie

Home Owner: @Jlash

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Seoul Dragons

QB Jared Goff
RB Kenyan Drake
WR Tyler Lockett
WR Sammy Watkins
TE Austin Hooper
TE Travis Kelce
LT Ronnie Stanley (Q)
LG Rodger Saffold 
C Austin Reiter
RG Andrus Peat (Q)
RT Russell Okung

Bench QB Kyler Murray
Bench RB Joshua Kelley
Bench RB Chase Edmonds
Bench WR Tim Patrick
Bench WR Russell Gage
Bench TE Cameron Brate
Bench OL George Fant
Bench OL Zach Fulton

SLB Aldon Smith
3t Grady Jarett
NT Brandon Williams
5t Calais Campbell
LEO Bradley Chubb
MLB Avery Williamson
WLB Nick Kwiatkowski
CB Steven Nelson
CB Ronald Darby
FS Marcus Williams
SS Jacquizki Tartt

Bench Edge 
Aldon Robinson
Bench Edge Ifeadi Odenigbo

Bench Int Tyler Lancaster
Bench Int Tim Settle
Bench Int DJ Jones
Bench LB Krys Barnes
Bench CB Bashaud Breeland
Bench DB Jason McCourty


Seoul Dragons


Exploit Camden weakened LB corps.With Darius Leonard out this week, we’re not entirely sure what Camden is planning there. We’ll use multiple Tight ends on about 80% of the snaps (3TEs for about 30% of snaps, 2TEs for about 50% of snaps) to exploit that weakness. If they start one or more safety at LB we will try to run the ball outside through stretch plays and tosses. If they start true LBs then we will target them heavily in the passing game.

Use of combo routes.Because Camden back seven is so banged up we expect to face mostly zone coverage. We will use combo route with one or two tight ends and the WR lined up on the same side to beat that zone and find the open man. As always, Kelce will be our #1 read on most plays. We expect our OL to give Goff the time to go through his reads so should Camden choose a man coverage scheme, Goff will be able to scan the field and find the open man as we think our weapons are individually better than Camden defenders.

Use of crossing patterns.Again, Camden LBs are pretty lackluster so we will also use crossing patterns to find Lockett, Watkins or Patrick in space in the middle of the field.

Move the chains.Our goal today is to move the chains consistently and we will target short and medium routes mostly. We will use a lot of short passes, whether that’s flat routes, slants, curls, bubble screens to Lockett or Kelce, or RB screens. We will also use stretch plays to run the ball outside – especially if Keanu Neal or another safety starts at LB.



Rush inside, contain outside. Russell Wilson is hard to beat. We want to disrupt his game by blitzing inside with our 3 men front and getting 1vs1 matchups for Calais and Grady vs Camden guards, who aren’t good. This should put Russ under a lot of pressure. Obviously he has the mobility to espace and that’s where our ends will try to contain him in the pocket. 

We will apply that tactic throughout the game and we have 5 very decent backups on the bench to rotate our guys (Settle at NT, DJ Jones at 3t, Lancaster at 5t, Odenigbo at LEO and Robinson at SLB)

Load up the box. We don’t want to give Zeke the opportunity to bounce back from a down year this week. Both of our LBs will clean up any opening on run defense and Tartt will play in the box and key on Zeke on every play.

Man coverage. We will mostly play in man coverage this week. As eluded before, Tartt gets Zeke. Kwiato gets Engram, Williamson gets Gronk, Nelson gets Kupp and Darby gets Nuke with help from Marcus Williams up top. On 3rrd and longs, we will sub out our NT for McCourty whose role will be to spy Russ. Breeland comes in on nickel defense and plays outside with Nelson sliding inside

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Camden Hood Rats

QB- Russell Wilson
RB- Ezekiel Elliott
WR- DeAndre Hopkins
WR- AJ Brown
WR- Cooper Kupp
TE- Rob Gronkowski
LT- Isaiah Wynn
LG- Forrest Lamp
C- Ethan Pocic
RG- Cody Whitehair
RT- Orlando Brown Jr
RB- Damien Harris
RB- David Montgomery
WR- Quintez Cephus
TE- Evan Engram
TE- Harrison Bryant
OL- Garrett Bolles
OL- Matt Pryor
OL- Tyrell Crosby


DE- Yannick Ngakoue
DT- Dexter Lawrence
DT- Poona Ford
DE- Maxx Crosby
LB- Jaylon Smith
CB- Denzel Ward
CB- Darius Phillips
CB- Mike Hughes
S- Justin Reid
S- Deshon Elliott
S- Keanu Neal
DE- Montez Sweat
DE- Carl Lawson
DT- Harrison Phillips
DT- Neville Gallimore
LB- Mack Wilson
DB- Amani Hooker
CB- Ahkello Witherspoon
CB- Jimmy Moreland

This week we get the French Korean invaders to welcome into the Camden Waterfront. Their defense presents some challenges, even with some injuries like us, but our jobs are to figure out a way to make this work and here are some of our keys on offense. 

Slangin' and bangin'- Sounds sort of like a porno title, but really what it means is we're going to start this game plan off letting Russ throw the ball early and often. It looks like we get AJ Brown back this week if the Titans can contain their stupidity in even the slightest amount, and we want to take full advantage of that. Seoul's defensive line is stout and versatile so we'll let Gronk help on blocking and Zeke will also help on passing downs in the blocking department. Our WR's strength is....their actual strength. They're all very good at getting the ball and making plays after the catch. Expect a lot of bunch sets to get these guys moving defenders into each other, we'll use motion and we'll give Kupp some option routes from the slot and expect Hopkins to get a large amount of targets to keep moving the chains. We think Seoul's best bet is going zone against us, so that's where Hopkins and Kupp's ability to sit in those soft spots of the zone and let Russ find them will be huge today.  If they want to go man, those bunch concepts incorporated with a lot of crossing patterns could lead to some big plays. We won't do too many long drop backs, but we'll work a lot out of shotgun today to aid in quick passing. 

Two TE sets- Like last week, we want to mix some bigger sets into the game plan. We like the pass catching ability of our TE's, and while they'll be used in large part to block, all of them are able to flex out into the slot and become another target for Russ. If the Titans are still dumb and their game is cancelled and I lose Brown to a technicality, expect a large amount of Engram flexed into the slot as a safety valve to Russ. Our TE's will also be important if Seoul throws a lot of cover 2 at us, because we'll use our TE's to attack that open seam in the middle of the field. We also don't think the Seoul LB's are going to be able to adequately cover our TE's regularly and with them being thin in the secondary they may not have a choice. Being able to pass out of these sets also eliminates us giving tells on our play calling. Usually two TE sets lead to run heavy plans, but if we can successfully run and throw out of these sets it benefits us greatly. 

Keep Zeke going- This is the bangin' to Russ' slangin'. We understand the stoutness of the Seoul line, which is why we're leaning pass heavy today because like most of us injuries have compromised their secondary. But Zeke is far too important to our team to just make him an afterthought. While he'll be used a lot to help protect Russ, leaving him back there opens up lots of delayed handoffs and screens for him in addition to his traditional ground game. We think this can benefit us in a couple ways, taking advantage of an aggressive defensive line, and if we can burn them a couple times, maybe guys like Jarrett and Campbell have to some some discipline before blindly attacking. 

Defense (Cover 1 man base)
Seoul has some solid weapons at their disposal, mainly being white chocolate at TE. No matter which QB they decide to trot out today it's important to keep Kelce and Lockett limited as they're the engine of the offense. Here is how we plan to do that.

Catching Kelce- You guys get that reference? No? Ok, never mind. Kelce is an elite TE, most LB's can't keep up with him and most CB's just aren't physical enough, so today we're dedicating Justin Reid to follow Kelce around all game. We feel he's the perfect blend of athleticism and physicality to help limit Seoul's best weapon today. If he's lined up in line, he'll get a LB/S in his area smacking him at the line before passing him off to Reid. If he's flexed out wide or in the slot, Reid takes him 1v1. If you don't like this plan, especially after the amount of personnel I'm missing send me your cell number and I'm gonna send you a picture of my taint. Thanks.

3 safety base- Today we feel like we want to keep as much speed on the field as possible. We respect Kenyan Drake and the Seoul run game, but the fact is their game is based far more on speed than physicality. We'll have Keanu Neal playing essentially a LB role today next to Jaylon Smith. Smith and Neal will be tasked with handling RB and TE duties on anyone not named Kelce. We think this gives us the speed to defend the edges of the field, which Seoul will surely want to attack given that they're likely getting two of their OT's back today. If we can use our speed to beat them to the spot, we can win at the POA. Also if Murray starts this week, more speed on the field will help negate some of his improv ability to scramble out of bad spots.

Cover 1- We love the cover 1, and we're confident in Elliott to handle the duties over the top, particularly on Lockett's side today because he's the most likely out of any of these guys to burn someone deep. We'll be playing man today, and Lockett will draw man coverage from Denzel Ward all day, which I'm sure bcb will find a way to confuse me as to why this was a bad call, and Elliott will usually shade to that side. Phillips will get whoever lines up opposite and Mike Hughes takes the slot. We want to be physical with this team, so we can disrupt timing in a quick passing offense and we feel this is the best way to do that. 

Mix up line looks- Seoul is getting two of their tackles back, but we still like the speed of all 4 of our DE's that we rotate in and think if we can move our line around we can get some pressure. Expect a lighter line on 3rd downs, kicking Crosby inside against Allegretti and Carl Lawson/Sweat next to him to attack on obvious passing downs. Having them side by side allows us to stunt them and force these guys on the OL to make a quick decision and give us an advantage. Expect lots of late line shift pre snap to hopefully cause some confusion as well. 

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7 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

I'm confused by the fact AJ Brown is still in the starting lineup here. AJ Brown would be considered inactive because rhe last time the Titans played, he was injured/inactive, correct?

So Quinton Cephus would take his place.

No because he might play against the Bills. If he plays against the Bills he's active. 

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7 minutes ago, WFLukic said:

No because he might play against the Bills. If he plays against the Bills he's active. 

I didn't realize the Titans/Bills was still scheduled for Tues. Thought it was pushed back again due to the positive tests this past week from the Titans

Edited by wwhickok
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11 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

I didn't realize the Titans/Bills was still scheduled for Tues. Thought it was pushed back again due to the positive tests this past week from the Titans

As of now, still set to go. But either way, it's accounted for in my gameplan. 

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35 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

 Fair enough  i genuinely wasn't trying to create a narrative that wasn't there I thought the game was postponed completely

No I get it. And who knows, it still can get pushed. I just didn't want to risk not having a stud in the lineup if they do play.

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I genuinely think with AJ Brown back on the field, and man did he look good, Camden is the more complete team here. I feel like Camden had been hindered recently with injuries and now that rheir offense is starting to get healthy I like Wilson to lead them to victory. I do think the Seoul defense will have some success getting sacks so I expect rhe score to be low.

21-17 Camden

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Gonna disagree with the apparent consensus this week and take Seoul. Wilson wasn't very impressive this week against a poor Minnesota secondary, and his weapons weren't super impressive either combined with what I think is a relatively weak interior offensive line. As far as Camden can look vulnerable offensively, I think this is the week and Seoul has the ability to take them down.

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