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Scott Turner’s offense

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8 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

I think part of the issue this season is Dan is trying desperately to hold onto the team. No I don’t think he’ll be forced to sell but considering the allegations against him and the team, he should be. It’s hard for me to agree that Snyder doesn’t want to win or doesn’t care about it, I just think he sucks at it. I do think he loves the team and would kill for a super bowl but his decision making is so poor that’s it’s just never going to happen. If by some act of god we do end up with Lawrence they’ll ruin him too. 

I can see it being that way too. But for me its like if you owned a pizza joint. We all hated you and hated your pizza. Would you really care that much about improving the product? Cause if you do or dont. Youre making the same money and were still going to hate you.

I think thats why Bruce stayed on year after year. Gaining more control all the time. To me it just feels as Dan has soured on everything but the business aspect of the company. Cause really, thats all it is. Just a business. And I dont think its that way for Dan alone. Ive heard them say a few times that its probably only 30% of the teams or less that are actually out there trying to win. The rest just see it as a business. It would seem if Dan were really putting in the effort for team success. Wed be doing alot better against that 70% portion than picking top 5 all the time.

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On 10/26/2020 at 8:16 PM, naptownskinsfan said:


That makes one of us.  The offense to me is still not really impressing me at all outside of Terry & Gibson’s play. 

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