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2 hours ago, MDY10 said:

Rams control their destiny still. If they win out they get the head to head tie breaker over Seattle if they only lose to us. 

Yeah I dont think the Rams will win out. Im actually confident the Rams can sweep the Cards and the Seahawks. The Rams almost swept them last season if Zeurlein didnt miss the kick in Seattle on TNF. The game Im worried about is the Patriots and its because of Belichick scheming against the McVay. IF the Rams can win that game then we might can have a convo about winning out. 

I feel like if the Rams cant get the 1 seed they might as well just fall back to the 5th seed. Playing the NFC Least in the 1st round is better than trying to win the NFC West getting the 2nd or 3rd seed and playing the Brady and the Bucs again OR playing Cards for the 3rd time possibly with a healthy Murray in the playoffs. Rams worst nightmare would be even the Niners sneaking into that last playoff spot and having to play them again but this time possibly with Kittle and Jimmy G back. 


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Seahawks - 10-4

Rams - 9-5 

Cards - 8-7

49ers - 6-9


Well the niners just found a way to kill us again lol If the cards had won it would have clinched us a spot in the playoffs. Now we either beat Seattle or need a bears loss. Obviously need to beat Seattle to stay in the division hunt. 

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6 minutes ago, btfd16 said:

Please. Take everyone. Rip them from the inside.

(Brandon Staley please don't... I want to still like you)

Lol seriously take them apart!! Though I imagine they’ll do well at replacing them.. still a chance they regress 😭😂 that team is going To be good for a while imo

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