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SNF: Vikings at Seahawks

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I thought the Vikings' mistake was not going for 2 at 25-21. Maybe the math says kick at that point. At the end of the game the math would definitely say go for 2, to force the successful extra point.

If they go for 2 and convert for 27-21, then everything else unfolding the same way it's an easy call to kick the field goal and a 9 point lead.

The way it worked out there's no question going for the first down was the proper choice. It's just that generations of football fans have suffered through 6+ decades of announcers who shove the conservative approach down their throats, to the point the brutally wrong decision becomes conventional wisdom correct.

The next step should be to reduce punting. There is still a ridiculously overboard number of punts instead of simply going for the first down. This year its even more preposterous since the defenses aren't stopping anything anyway. 

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18 hours ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

The Vikings just spent the entire 3rd and 4th quarter running ALL OVER Seattle's defense. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, just spent the entire 2nd half throwing all over your defense.

It's 4th and inches, if you convert this the game is ACTUALLY over and Russell Wilson can't hurt you. If you don't convert it, Russell Wilson has to go 90+ yards in 1 minute to score a touchdown. If you kick the FG, it's almost the exact same scenario as the latter, only Wilson now has much better field position to do it.

The decision to go for it was correct, the play call decision (run the ball) was also correct. Seahawks just made the better play, much like against the Patriots and Cam Newton.

This. Results based analysis is bad and lazy. The decision failing does not invalidate the logic that made the decision sound. If you're scared of Russ, and any rational person should be, you make the choice that has the potential to take him out of the equation entirely. It's the same reason the never punt against Mahomes thing became a thing around here. A FG is still choosing to pull the ball in Wilson's hands to decide the game. Or, given the overtime argument, you're counting on a coin toss to decide fate for you. Vikings made the perfect choice, like 2 Seahawks just beat the blocks and read the play.

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