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Simulated Mock Drafts

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Been looking over different draft simulators, mock drafts.

One guy could reasonably fall to us: OG, Wyatt Davis. Seems to be a TOUGH rock and hard place. Think i'm liking him as our LG.

OG's tend to slip a bit in the Draft. Moreso than OT's

But I wouldn't be upset if we picked, Alex Leatherwood, OT. We need help here too. Schwartz is probably on his way out. Play Fisher at RT.

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Does not really help us at LB,   but I love this draft for the rest of the team.   

30.   Pat Freiermuith,  TE  Penn State

62.  Jaelan Phillips,  Edge Miami(Fl)

93.  Teven Jenkins, OT Oklahoma State

131.  Drake Jackson, C  Kentucky

170.  Cordell Volson,  OL North Dakota State

173.  T.J. Carter, CB  Memphis

177.  Tamorrion Terry, WR  Florida State

198.  Dazz Newsome,  WR  North Carolina


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30. Josh Myers, IOL Ohio State - He'll be my default pick for now in the 1st. We have no starting center next year and he's currently the #1 rated C.

64. Pat Freirmuth, TE Penn State - A better #2 TE can change our passing game. With our potential WR issues next year, I think a shift to more two TE sets will be a good wrinkle.

93. Sage Surratt, WR Wake Forest - Great at catching and route running. Two things we need as our WR corp goes through changes due to the cap/FA.

131. Reed Blankenship, S Middle Tennessee - Competition for Watts to replace Sorenson, who I think is gone due to the cap/FA.


So far there isn't anyone that I just love for us. Each year I usually find 2-5 guys that I just want that we have a realistic chance of getting. This year, I haven't seen a single player. Josh Myers is the closest to that designation just because of need.

Terrace Marshall may have a chance to fall to us. But I'd prefer to not go WR in the 1st with our OL need. But I wouldn't hate Marshall in the 1st.

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3  rd. Mock; "the draft network";

30. Rashod Bateman
WR, Minnesota           Give Mahomes another weapon. Lose Sammy Watkins and/or ?

62. Paris Ford
S, Pittsburgh                Unafraid, consistent tackler; Can play single-high or "down in the box"; insurance for J.Thornhill

                                      Alternatively, Josh Myers, C, Ohio St. (noticed by Kingseanjohn) can be had here I believe. It's a question of need that

                                      management needs to answer.

93. Jack Sanborn          Obvious need at Mike LB.
LB, Wisconsin

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I'm procrastinating way too much this week...

30. Trey Smith, IOL Tennessee - Where he's taken will come down to medical. He has 1st round talent, and I wanted to pick someone different.

62. Chazz Surratt, LB North Carolina - A former QB that hasn't played LB very long, but he's picking up real quick. The potential is there.

93. Paris Ford, S Pittsburgh - Safety depth and rotation, should play early. Reminds me of a clean Johnathan Abram.

131. Jordan Smith, Edge UAB - Rotational player that should improve as he gains experience and NFL strength. PFF had him as one of two edge players to rate 90+ in run defense and pass rush in 2019. I don't know why his numbers are down this year, maybe I'll look into it. Maybe not.

170. TJ Carter, CB Memphis - DB depth that I think could develop into a good player.

173. Amari Rodgers, WR Clemson - If not for his injury a year ago, I think he'd be higher. I think he'd fit in our system and do well day one.

177. Justyn Ross, WR Clemson - Back to back Clemson WR. Ross was a sure 1st round pick until his spinal surgery. If his medical clears and he declares, he could be a steal here.

198. Obinna Eze, OT Memphis - Developmental player.


Favorite pick: Probably Paris Ford, but I like Rodgers in our offense.

Least favorite: Chazz Surratt. This pick may be a reach and is based on potential alone. In hindsight, I'd probably go Ford here and Surratt in the 3rd if it were an option.

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Still doing that procrastination thing...

32. Terrace Marshall Jr., WR LSU - I'd love to have him starting opposite Hill next year.

64. Daniel Faalele, OT Minnesota - Monster of a man (6'8" 400lbs). Played rugby and now he's an OT, so he still has room to grow in that regard. Potential future bookend with Niang.

95. Paris Ford, S Pittsburgh - Like I said before, I like him. Could use him in case we can't re-sign Sorenson or we lose Mathieu in '22. We use 3 safeties enough he could start day one.

133 . Ali Gaye, DE LSU - Only one year at LSU, but he's played very well. Rotational guy early on but he has the tools. Sadly, not much tape on YouTube yet.

172. Olaijah Griffin, CB USC - Special teams and #4 CB to start. Potentially a starter in a 2-3 years. Plus his dad is Warren G.

173. Amari Rodgers, WR Clemson - Has the potential to be a day one contributor. We need the depth and he falls due to being in a deep class.

177. Cade Mays, OL Tennessee - He's played all five positions. He needs to work on technique, making him a project. But should fit in with what we do.

199. Tamorrion Terry, WR Florida State - Scary Terry falls in a deep class. I don't think he falls this far though; he could easily go in the 2nd or 3rd. Three WR may seem like too many, but we have TWO on the roster as of today. With the upcoming cap issues, I think WR is the place we can go cheaper especially in this deep class. Plus the board looks terrible in this spot.


In this mock, Ja'Marr Chase fell to 32. I just don't see how that happens, so I didn't take him to be more realistic. In reality, I'd be running to the podium to pick him. Four WR went ahead of him...


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Getting more of a bead on OL guys. Niang and 2 more OT's give us liberty to mix/match and decide who's backup

The draftnetwork.com

32.  Alex Leatherwood OT, Alabama

64. Daniel Faalele OT, Minnesota

95. Paris Ford, S, Pittsburgh

133. Baron Browning LB, Ohio State

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Four rounds using the CBS list, which is much to Power 5 oriented. Still, I like the possibility of getting Freiemuth. 

32: TE Pat Freiermuth - Penn State
64: C Trey Hill - Georgia
95: DL Jay Tufele - USC
134: LB Tuf Borland - Ohio State
140: WR Nico Collins - Michigan
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1 hour ago, onejayhawk said:

32: TE Pat Freiermuth - Penn State

What do you do with this guy? You can't sit a No.1 draft pick.

Do we institute a 2TE offense? Do we re-tool just for him? I think it's just too early to spend a No.1 on a TE.

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1 hour ago, mayanfootball said:

What do you do with this guy? You can't sit a No.1 draft pick.

Do we institute a 2TE offense? Do we re-tool just for him? I think it's just too early to spend a No.1 on a TE.

You play him, of course. We already run a two TE offense and Kelce has essentially replaced Sherman at FB. There is no reason not to have both available most plays.

This is not sitting on a 1st round pick. Freiermuth is a first round talent, which is not usually available at #32. It's never too early to take the best player on the board and we have as much need of a young TE as we did of a young RB in April. If you don't like the position, go with it as BPA. Trust me, if Leatherwood or Wyatt Davis were still on the board, I take them. 


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Maybe this will make you feel better. It uses the Kingdom ConneKTN list, which is surprisingly good.

32: G Wyatt Davis - Ohio St.
64: DL Darius Still - W. Virginia
95: LB Hamlicar Rashed Jr. - Oregon St.
134: WR Amari Rodgers - Clemson
140: C Drake Jackson - Kentucky
173: S Richie Grant - Central Florida
179: OT Spencer Brown - Northern Iowa
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Draftnetwork.com; 5 rounds

32. Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama; initially play Alex/LT and Niang/RT

64. Paris Ford, S, Pittsburgh; this guy is a "steely eyed missile man: Sneed to CB

95. Jack Sanborn, LB, Wisconsin; try him at Mike LB

153. Tyler Vrabel, OT, Boston College; may move him inside to OG?

172. Austin Watkins, WR, UAB; replace Watkins

173. Robert Cooper, DT, Florida State; definite run support

177. Nate Landman, LB, Colorado

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Sneed is already at CB. He's settled in as the slot CB, which is letting Mathieu roam. We do need a physical safety, though. Sorensen is getting older.

I was not planning on three OL, but it fell out that way. WR and CB went early. I could have taken a QB in round #4.

32: R1 P32 OT Alaric Jackson - Iowa
64: R2 P32 C Josh Myers - Ohio St.
95: R3 P31 LB Hamlicar Rashed Jr. - Oregon St.
134: R4 P32 S Kolby Harvell-Peel - Oklahoma St.
140: R4 P38 TE Hunter Long - Boston College
173: R5 P32 WR Justyn Ross - Clemson
179: R5 P38 OT Spencer Brown - Northern Iowa
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Slow day at work;

32.   Terrance Marshall,     WR LSU
64.  Carlos Basham Jr.,      Edge,  Wake Forest
95.  Jack Sanborn,      LB Wisconsin
133.  Drake Jackson,   C Kentucky
172.  T.J. Cater,      CB Memphis
173.  Alaric Jackson,    OL Iowa
177.  Tamorrion Terry,    WR Florida State
199.  Tre McKitty,     TE Georgia

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