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Simulated Mock Drafts

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I you sure about Marshall that high? I like him, but there are at least five I like better. This is another really good WR draft.

32: R1 P32 TE Kyle Pitts - Florida
64: R2 P32 C Josh Myers - Ohio State
95: R3 P31 LB Hamilcar Rashed Jr. - Oregon State
134: R4 P32 EDGE Kingsley Inagbare - South Carolina
140: R4 P38 CB Israel Mukuamu - South Carolina
173: R5 P32 OT Dillon Radunz - North Dakota State
179: R5 P38 WR Jaden Blue - Temple
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On 12/20/2020 at 3:08 PM, onejayhawk said:
32: R1 P32 OT Alaric Jackson - Iowa
64: R2 P32 C Josh Myers - Ohio St.

Jackson can be had 5th round. He's not a 1st. rd. talent. Myers won't be there at 64. We'd have to draft him No.1 to get him. But again, Is he really 1st.rd. talent? Wyatt Davis OG played next to him and I suspect his presence made Myers better.

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I don’t love Marshall in the 1st.   But I still like it.     He adds a different element to the WR corps,  plus he really isn’t limited to where you can line him up.   He still has a ways to go in development,   But the hands and size without sacrificing as a deep threat is pretty intriguing. 

Bateman would be my personal preference at WR, but I doubt he lasts that long. 

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26 minutes ago, kingseanjohn said:

Which five?

Chase, Moore and both Alabama WR are easy. When you get to Wallace, Atwell and Surratt it gets to be more a matter of what you like for your system. I can see Marshall in that mix. So, it would have been more accurate to say four that I like better and three more I consider roughly equal. Any way you do it, #32 is too high. 


54 minutes ago, mayanfootball said:

I already said my piece about Myers earlier. Dillon Radunz is too good. He's a 1st rd. talent that MIGHT slip to 2nd.rd. He went to Green Bay at 31 in a couple drafts I did on "thedraftnetwork".

I would have taken he in the third round if I had noticed him lurking. He was too far down the list to catch my eye. I think high 2nd round is a bit much, but we will see. I grant that he could test that well.


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I have a pretty big gap between Surratt/Atwell and Marshall.   I’d list Chase and the Alabama guys as the easy top. 
Than it goes to Bateman, Marshall, and Moore.    Moore doesn’t really add anything to the offense we don’t already have in bunches though.


I probably like Amon St Brown more than Surratt and Atwell though.     Not a fan of Wallace at all,  we could get him in the 6th and it’d still get a meh from me. 

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"thedraftnetwork", 5rds.

32. Wyatt Davis,IOL, Ohio State; starting LG

64. Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama; DL sub

95. Jack Sanborn, LB, Wisconsin; Mike LB

133. Greg Eisworth II, S, Iowa State; missile run defender; blows up screens

172. Tyreke Johnson, CB, Ohio State; athletic, work in progress

173. Austin Watkins, WR, UAB

177. Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa; kicks inside to OG

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I am not thrilled with the list, but you cannot fault it for the first pick. #15 slid to us.

32:  G Wyatt Davis - Ohio St.
64:  LB Zaven Collins - Tulsa
95:  OT Dylan Radunz - N. Dakota St.
134:  WR Amari Rodgers - Clemson
140:  S Kolby Harvell-Peel - Oklahoma St.
173:  CB Tariq Castro-Fields - Penn St.
179:  TE Nick Eubanks - Michigan
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32:  G Wyatt Davis - Ohio St.; Great pick
64:  LB Zaven Collins - Tulsa; worth a shot
95:  OT Dylan Radunz - N. Dakota St.; Ok, but question whether he'll be there this late
134:  WR Amari Rodgers - Clemson: too short, inferior catch radius, limited route tree; unless he's another "Tyreek Hill" we can do much better.
140:  S Kolby Harvell-Peel - Oklahoma St.; I like Greg Elsworth/Iowa St. better but this is not a bad pick
173:  CB Tariq Castro-Fields - Penn St.; Don't like that he's too grabby on WR's and lacks in run support
179:  TE Nick Eubanks - Michigan; Won't be there this late, limited production so far.
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I am not thrilled with the list, but you cannot fault it for the first pick. #15 slid to us.

32:  G Wyatt Davis - Ohio St. - Slid 17 spots to us
64:  LB Zaven Collins - Tulsa - I agree. Not inspiring but not bad
95:  OT Dylan Radunz - N. Dakota St. - You may think he's late 1st/early 2nd but I am not yet convinced. This list had him 4th round. 
134:  WR Amari Rodgers - Clemson - Tough spit here. there was a glut of RB and LB
140:  S Kolby Harvell-Peel - Oklahoma St. - Elsworth was long gone
173:  CB Tariq Castro-Fields - Penn St. - This is simply the top CB remaining
179:  TE Nick Eubanks - Michigan - He could be there, because he is seen more as a blocking TE than a receiver
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32. Wyatt Davis, IOL Ohio State - played RG in college. Wylie needs upgraded and who knows if LDT is back and in playing shape.

64. Paris Ford, S Pittsburgh - I think I've said enough previously.

95. Anthony Schwartz, WR Auburn - Good route runner and someone who can contribute early. I think he's what we hoped Hardman would be.

133. Jake Ferguson, TE Wisconsin - I don't think he's the heir to Kelce's #1 spot. But he's an upgrade at #2 TE and someone who could thrive in that role.

171. Patrick Johnson, Edge Tulane - Needs to work on his technique, but could be involved in the rotation.

173. Reggie Roberson Jr., WR SMU - Good route runner who could also contribute early.

177. Alec Lindstrom, IOL Boston College - Project OL who could fill in if needed. I think he's a year or two off.

199. Marco Wilson, CB Florida - Depth CB who could surprise as a diamond in the rough.


I really wanted to get a center, but the board fell horribly and I would've been reaching at any point. The 2021 Free Agent list of centers is horrible. So we'll likely have to reach for someone in the draft or hope Reiter returns on a cheap deal. My darkhorse starting C candidate is Darryl Williams. I really liked his potential coming out last year. But we still need a backup with experience. If healthy, Fisher-Allegretti-Williams-Davis-Schwartz doesn't look too bad on paper. I expect Niang to be the primary backup OT next year before taking a starting spot in 2022.

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I completely understand Ford in the second.

We need a physical safety, though it's less pressing now that Sneed has settled into the slot CB role.

Robertson is a lot better value than Schwartz, but doubling down on day three is sound. None of the past #100 guys will play right away, but they will help ST which are off this year.

No OT and no LB. Sometimes it falls out that way. I could also see a RB or a second blocking TE.

This would make me happy. It's taking advantage of a mediocre list, but still.

32:  WR DeVonta Smith - Alabama
64:  TE Pat Freiermuth - Penn State
95:  OT Dillon Radunz - North Dakota State
134:  C Jimmy Morrissey - Pittsburgh
140:  LB Nick Bolton - Missouri
173:  WR Amon-Ra St. Brown - USC
179:  CB Tariq Castro-Fields - Penn State
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I like Radunz, but let's see some more before he's a first round pick. Doubling up in round #2 is over the top. We already have Lucas Niang. Sanborn seems a round early. Hayes is nothing special. He sould be listed as EDGE and at best he's a situational pass rusher. Maybe 5th round, maybe not. I have trouble believing Diablo was the best S available. Ross is easily the best pick of the whole draft. With your second pick in the 5th round, that is not good.

32: TE Kyle Pitts - Florida
64: C Josh Myers - Ohio State
95: G Deonte Brown - Alabama
134:  WR Tyler Vaughns - USC
140:  S Bubba Bolden - Miami
173: OT Robert Hainsey - Notre Dame
179: RB Master Teague - Ohio State
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