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2020 Week #6 GDT Steelers vs. Browns

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I think next week is a bigger showcase. I think we definitely dominated today, but I don’t think Cleveland was as good as their record. They’re definitely improved, but I’m not sure they’re contenders. I’d imagine people will read way too far into this one. It was nice to actually dominate someone, though.

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6 minutes ago, MOSteelers56 said:

Also, hello 3rd round comp for Bud. Dude is going to get PAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIID.

For a long time most of us weren't happy with bud and I think we had s right to that. Hr had all the looks of a bust. But the last two seasons, he has earned every bit of whatever he is gonna get on the open market.

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2 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

It has been confirmed that Bush has torn his ACL

Good news is, Spillane looked good, Williams has been good and there are some decent options in FA.

Bad news is, we will really miss Bush's speed in the middle of the field, especially vs Baltimore.

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