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2020 Week #6 GDT Steelers vs. Browns

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19 minutes ago, jebrick said:

Teams scheme to have VWill line up vs a WR.  Let me know if you are good with that?

Again, he has played 75% of the snaps. Show me the major issues you have seen play out during actual games so far and being played out so consistently that we can sit here and say, yup dude sucks because we are getting worked. 

What teams WANT and what teams GET isn’t always apples to apples. All teams WANT LBers on receivers, but what they GET doesn’t match that - and it’s coaching that prevents that. The amounts we have been blitzing and moving around our front 7 with sub packages, good luck isolating those one times events at any regularity. 

I’m not a big fan of site stats for coverage because it usually just pulls closest player regardless of actual responsibility but it’s useful in some regard here: 231 snaps, 13 targets, 6 completions. So targeted on just under 6% of his snaps and allowing a completion percentage less than 50%.  Where is this manufactured issued of Vince being this absolute liability when he is on the field? 

It’s not that it won’t happen or that I want to see Vince Williams man’d up on CMC split wide...but there’s maybe, I don’t know, 3 LBers I’d be comfortable lining up on a receiver. It’s acting like it’s only Vince that causes issues there and it’s not. I don’t want Bush on a receiver either. I want to limit Bush’s exposure in coverage too because it’s the nature of the position. The narrative is that when Vince steps on the field we get whipped. And it’s just flat not true. Again, he doesn’t suck at coverage, I actually think he handles himself pretty well against guys he has no athletic business doing pretty well against. If you draw a line on a piece of paper with the word bad on one end and good on the other...Vince is somewhere on that line, not at either end of it. 

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