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MNF: Chargers at saints


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46 minutes ago, kramxel said:

Just saw this on the game stats, and was wondering what the heck was going on:


Tyron Johnson 4 17.5 0 23

17,5 avg?!

One of them was an awful 10ish yard return, just before the end of regulation. Saints bounced the ball down the middle of the field, messed up blocking assignments and didn’t let the returner get a good start cause he’s trying to handle a bouncing ball. He ran into his blockers and fell.

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4 hours ago, Bearerofnews said:

I dont think getting rid of Lynn or Talesco is smart. I think better coordinators is a good start. It says alot about a coach to be in almost every game, with the amount of injuries the Chargers suffer. Also just dumb turnovers. I think Lynn and TT are not the problem. I think its some of the other staff.

Chargers in 2017 start 0-4 due to horrible ST play. Then finish 9-3 with the 3 losses being on the road to the 2 teams in the AFCC and the Chiefs.

2018 they go 12-4.

Last year was alot of close losses and that was due to being the worst turnover team in the league on both sides. We turned it over a bunch and didnt force. 

This year again close losses while understaffed, in 3 games we had double digit leads as some point. 

TT is getting talent. Hard to blame him for injuries and Lynn is right there. Let's see how this seasons plays out. Chargers should be getting back a bunch of players soon.

As I mentioned already, I like Lynn but the same close losses happened to McCoy and Norv as well because of injuries. In fact these last two losses reminded me of Norv’s last season with us where we also blew leads. The Saints coincidentally enough were the dagger for Norv and McCoy in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

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4 hours ago, kyle21121 said:

I just realized that this is a once every three-four year type of loss for most franchises and this is our third such loss in five weeks like this. 

Happened in 2012 as well. And I feel a bunch of times under McCoy.

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