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Week Six Game Day Threda: Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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4 hours ago, Leader said:

NFL . COM - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30, Green Bay Packers 27

Leading first-place teams, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers facing off in the only 4:25 p.m. ET game of the week is a gift from the football gods. The Bucs could use a more consistent pass rush from Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul, but this is still easily the toughest matchup for the streaking Packers offense this season because of Tampa's physical play in the secondary. It may also be the easiest matchup Brady's faced. The Packers' defense is quietly 29th in efficiency, still allergic to stopping the run just like every Mike Pettine Packers defense. Don't be surprised if Ronald Jones and the Bucs' offensive line steal the spotlight in an upset.

Lol. The vaunted Bucs secondary that's played one good offense so far? So spooky. Also telling how there is no mention of Clark pretty much missing the season so far outside of the early parts of week one. Him back makes the run defense better. 


But let them think old Brady against our talented secondary will be easy. One or two interceptions and one of those a pick six incoming.

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1 hour ago, dwaye50327 said:
2 hours ago, Leader said:

Ryan Wood -   Matt LaFleur was a high school senior when Tom Brady led Michigan to the national championship in 1998. Think about that for a moment. LaFleur is 40 years old. Tom Brady is 43.

That's crazy, I wonder if Brady would be able to work with a coach like lafluer who is younger than him

Neat story..... except Brian Griese was the starting QB for Michigan that season.  Brady attempted 15 passes all season.

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35 minutes ago, packfanfb said:

Could we see Hollman start over Jackson?

Great Q.  I've wondered about how they'll work around King's absence, too.  Conflicting thoughts.

  • To some degree, Jackson's profile is as a physical guy for covering big, strong receivers, rather than shifty speedsters.  Perhaps covering a guy like Evans is exactly what he was drafted to do...
  • But part of me would rather see anybody we've got play, ahead of Jackson.  Maybe Hollman?  Maybe even Samuels.  
  • Not sure it's going to be any of those Jackson-Hollman-Samuels corners, though?  I wonder if Sullivan will just slide over to King's spot, and they'll otherwise cover nickel and dime with safeties?  
  • To date, we've seen Redmond and Raven play a lot more than Jackson or Hollman.  So I could easily imagine dime being Jaire-Sullivan + Amos-Savage-Redmond-Raven?  Kind of the "get your best six guys on the field" mentality?  
  • But maybe not, maybe it will be Jackson getting a bunch of snaps, and maybe it will be a happy-ending story, and he'll kind of do OK and earn some confidence?  
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Against TB Jackson has more of a chance to shine than against maybe a Minnesota whos determined to run on you. Scotty Miller is a guy who weve gotta be wary about getting loose a couple times. Idk if thats a great matchup for Chandon inside or not. Be a really good test.

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We dont want to see Jackson in man coverage with Evans.....or Godwin.....or......I dont know, just about anybody.
Tampa's gonna give us a run for the money. Hopefully we can get everybody back healthy cause we've got to play well. 

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5 hours ago, ReadyToThump said:

Can't wait to see JA shut down Godwin. 

Also hope we see some plays from Preston, I know hes been playing a different role this season so far but I keep waiting for him to have a big game.



Evans is banged up, Gronk isn't what he's been, they chucked it more to their TE3 against Chicago more than Brate or Gronk. Unless our run defense goes back to being crap, which it might, the story of this game is the pass rush. Knock Brady off his spot and makes mistakes. Pettine would be foolish not to send BOTH Smiths at Brady on a consistent basis. Offensively, I can't help but think we'll see a ton of underneath plays and quick hits. You take LaVonte David out of this game and force that secondary to make more plays and we control the clock AND the game...

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I love the confidence this forum has, but I honestly have no idea why you guys are this confident about this game. we have to travel down south, our DC is Mike Pettine, our defense is NOT GOOD. Brady is historically very good coming off of a loss. we are 30th in the league in missed tackle rate

All I know is it's gonna be hella fun! I'm so pumped 

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