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Valkyrie Mafia: D8 Ends Saturday at 10 PM EST

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Dear Player,

On a cool spring day on March 13, 1943, the world changed forever for those living in Nazi Germany. This day would set in motion the events that would directly change Germany at the hands of the German Resistance and their pursuit of assassinating the Führer Adolf Hitler. On this day, Henning von Tresckow took the German Resistance ever so close to ending the war. Tresckow handed a bottle of liquor to Heinz Brandt to take back with him on a flight. On the flight with Brandt was Adolf Hitler. The box containing the bottle of liquor had plastic explosives in it and the fuse was set. Tresckow had set in motion another attempt to assassinate Hitler by the German Resistance and to successfully stage a coup taking over Germany with a newly formed government and structure. A group which contained highly influential German citizens, soldiers, high ranking army generals, all that had their reasons for wanting Hitler dead. The primary of which was ending the war and expediting peace talks. 

Tresckow had set in motion Operation Spark. The bomb in the box of liquor was an utter failure though. Hitler's plane made it to the destination intact and Hitler unharmed. The bomb failed to detonate due to the extreme low temperatures in the cargo hold. Not willing to give into failure, the German Resistance has used what they learned in Operation Spark and developed a plan to make another attempt at assassinating Hitler and staging a coup.

Your mission, if you so choose it, is to join the the German Resistance, a group lead by high ranking members of the German Army, and successfully assassinate Adolf Hitler and stage a coup taking over Germany and ending the war. Operation Valkyrie is a go and you must do your part or it will fail and Germany will continue down its dark inevitable path.

-Colonel General Ludwig Beck


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1. Pickle @Pickle Rick

2. Josh @JoshstraDaymus

3. Mwil @MWil23 He was Colonel General Ludwig Beck, German Resistance Aligned

4. Bcb @bcb1213 Killed N3 Colonel Heinz Brandt, German Soldier Aligned

5. Swoosh @swoosh Killed D4 Major General Henning von Tresckow, German Resistance Aligned

6. Dome @Dome Killed N5 Wolf-Heinrich Graf von Helldorf, German Resistance Aligned

7. Nazzy Naz @Nazgul

8. KSJ @kingseanjohn Nina Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg, German Resistance Aligned

9. Malf @Malfatron Killed N1 General of Infantry Friedrich Olbricht, German Resistance Aligned

10. BBB @bigbadbuff

11. Daniel @Daniel 

12. Forge @Forge Dr. Joseph Goebbels, German Fuhrer Aligned

13. Mission @mission27 Lynched D1 Heinrich HimmlerGerman Fuhrer Aligned

14. Daboyle @Daboyle Lynched D2 Colonel General Friedrich Fromm, German Fuhrer Aligned

15. Counselor @Counselor

16. Glen @Glen

17. Blue @Blue

18. Squire @squire12 Killed N2 Major Ernst John von Freyend, German Soldier Aligned

19. Swag @SwAg Modkilled D7 German Resistance Soldier-Code BreakerGerman Resistance Aligned

20. TLO @TLO Lynched D5 General Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, German Fuhrer Aligned

21. Bantle @jasonwbantle Dr. Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, German Resistance Aligned

22. Nacho @TheKillerNacho Killed N1 General Field Marshal Erwin von Witzleben. German Resistance Aligned

23. Matts @Matts4313 Killed N4 Major Otto Ernst Remer, GrossDeutschland Guard Battalion Aligned





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  1. Most important rule of them all. You must make vote each day. Failure to do so 2 times will result in a modkill

  2. To vote for a person to be lynched. Bold the person’s name

  3. NO PM FISHING!!!! All role PMs are unique 

  4. Night will be every night except for Night 1 which will be close to 48 hours long or longer depending on when the game starts

  5. Night will be based on the designated time and the timestamps in the thread. Once I post Night, you may continue to talk. If night is 9 PM EST, any vote at 9:00 PM or later will not count

  6. The person with the most votes at the time Night occurs will be lynched

  7. In the event of a tie, there will be a 15 minute OT period. If there is still a tie, there will be a random lynch between the tied players

  8. After Night has been called there will be 30 minutes for players to finalize moves, the Write-up will be posted after this

  9. You may talk during Night, however, do not reveal any my info you receive from ghat nights PM

  10. Unless it says otherwise in your Role PM, you may NOT talk about the game outside of the Game Thread

  11. Editing is allowed, but NO editing posts that contain a vote, or editing a post to include a vote

  12. I reserve the right to modkill anyone breaking any rules or behaving in a manner I deem inappropriate

  13. NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread. Simple. You will be allowed one good game, **** you guys, etc post. I also don’t mind idle chat during night phases or a joke post. However must you post when you're dead please keep it non game related

  14. NO POSTING SCREENSHOTS OR DIRECTLY QUOTING FROM ROLE PMs. No posting fake role PMs either. Failure to do so will result in being Modkilled. You may type out night action PMs if it so suits you

  15. Do not post information regarding your PM from the Night prior to the Write-up being posted

  16. If your PM says not to say something, don’t. There will be no second chances and you will be modkilled

  17. Have FUN

  18. I reserve the right to change or edit the rules/game how i see fit

  19. I will screw up somewhere for sure so take it easy on me lol


Example PM-

You have accepted your mission. You are German Resistance Soldier-AbilityGerman Resistance Aligned


Win Con: Eliminate all threats to the Resistance

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Oh come on, you came into the thread, with a whole 5% of your post count being game-related immediately after Rick died, to claim that you knew he was scum on Day 2 based on this post that you linked specifically.

That was basically a confession.

tl;dr - I take no responsibility for this.

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