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NCAA Basketball Thread: '21-22


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On 4/23/2022 at 7:10 PM, TitanSlim said:

Sucks because I really thought he’d have a big maybe even darkhorse NPOY season if he came back next season. Nothing you can do when a guy is set on being one and done no matter what.

Time to dig through the transfer portal.

We just landed that Harvard big man so we're good with front court depth. We're reportedly going hard after Baylor Scheierman as well who would be a huge addition. If we miss on him would love if Caleb Foster reclassified and apparently it's something that he's considering. 

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6 hours ago, NYRaider said:

Duke just stole Jai Lucas from Kentucky's staff, Scheyer isn't playing around. @TitanSlim @RandyMossIsBoss

This is huge for a number of reasons, but for me it‚Äôs mostly because we went outside the ‚ÄúBrotherhood‚ÄĚ for a assistant spot for the first time since 97. Scheyer really is changing things up¬†and I‚Äôm loving it.

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