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Can Dalton be the next “Tannehill”?

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I have no doubt that Dalton would absolutely ball out with the Cowboys full offense

The problem is we are playing a rookie center and both the Right and Left tackles are done for the season along with the starting TE. If he can make quick reads and get the ball out fast to the 3 stud WR's he'll do well

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6 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

With Lamb, Elliot, Gallup and Cooper - YOU could be the next Tannehill

Not with an OL and Def as crappy as ours. 

It was Daltons 1st game back, so I will caution leeway. But we was pretty garbage outside of 2-3 throws. I expect him to hover the Dalton line like he always has. Which means mostly mediocre with a few splash plays and a few hair pulling plays sprinkled in. 

People saying he will be "great", "show out" or "play out of his mind" are completely delusional and most likely want him to succeed to back up their Dak bashing. 

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Absolutely he can.

Dalton has become a bit of a laughing stock and the poster boy for mediocrity in recent years but the truth is that he performs as well as the talent around him. If he has a great supporting cast, he'll be great (or at least really good). If his supporting cast is subpar, so will he be.

Everyone seems to think the Cowboys are cooked without Dak. I say the offense is the least of their worries right now, and that'll remain true going forward.

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