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BSET Reset  

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  1. 1. Which Proposal should we go wtih?

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Alright, so obviously the first attempt at this is a massive fail. I will take ownership of that, the movie version did so well and went so smooth I got overconfident in the format. There just arent enough great TV shows to have such rigid structure, especially when compared to movies. However, I am committed to get a champion and we have two solid ideas to restart this thing and get a better outcome. I will leave it to you guys to decide which way we go. The poll will reflect these two proposals.


Proposal 1

We will be doing away with the types of shows categories all together but keeping the Networks. This version allows us to have a Fox champion and a Streaming Champion as well as the BSET Champion. The way this version would work is each poster will get unlimited nominations per network. As is currently standard, 3+ nominations will be moved into the polling phase. The poll will feature any and all types of shows, the top 8 vote getters in that poll will be placed in the bracket for that network; seeding will be based on how many votes it got in the polling phase. Once all 8 brackets are full, we will continue as we had in BMET and vote through the brackets of each network and get a champion for each that will move into the Elite 8 bracket.


Proposal 2

In this proposal, we will completely change the structure of the event and it will be very different than BMET. Nomination phase will be one thread, each poster will get 30 nominations. These nominations need to be in ORDER of favorite to least favorite as the first nom will be worth 30 points and the last nom will be worth 1. I will create a spreadsheet to plug in each posters list of 30 nominations and I will get a point total for each show. The top 64 point getters from the nomination phase will move into a super bracket; seeding based off of points. We will then vote on 3 matchups out of the 32 initial matchups each thread and move through the bracket as such. 


If you have any questions about either proposal please ask before voting! I will give this our customary 2 days to vote. 

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I think the networks are too disparate in terms of quality and quantity to go with the network champion route.  I like the idea, and maybe have a separate offshoot thread of like the top 3-4 point totals per network for side polls, but then keep the main bracket for the overall champion.  Kind of how in the NFL the MVP and Offensive Player of the year can be two different people, the overall champion might not necessarily be the network champion.

I voted #2 as well, just seems like the best way to get the best overall field as opposed to Cops sneaking in from Fox Reality Shows.

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well its obvious where this is going. Already created the google sheet so all I have to do is copy and paste your noms into each column and it will automatically tally the points and put it in order for me. 


Please list them like this





Instead of:

Not, like, this

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