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Week 6 - Rams @ 49ers - SNF

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49ers have been wrecked with injuries and now possibly dealing with a QB controversy. Mentioned it a few weeks ago but looks like a case of the Super Bowl loser curse. 

A loss for them would really put them in hole. I'd love to see it on SNF.

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I’ve been waiting to play the Niners again since we blew that game against them back in December thanks to multiple 3rd and long conversions given up on defense, luckily the Rams are starting to clean that up this year before the schedule gets rough. 

If we stifle the run game and force the Niners to throw their way to a win against Donald and this secondary, we should win this game...

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I got the Rams winning 31-27. I think the Rams will cover but its going to be a good game because the Niners is going to give it a great fight. They will essentially be fighting for their playoff lives on SNF. They got embarrassed by the Dolphins, they know their schedule is brutal starting with this game against the Rams plus its a division rivalry game. They will play like a desperate team. However, the Rams had this game circled I believe since they gave up that 3rd and forever that allowed the Niners to win the game last season and officially end the Rams playoffs hopes. McVay want to avenge that loss. While this game wont officially end the Niners playoffs hopes if they lose I think the Niners wont make the playoffs when the season ends because they will be in a deep uphill battle that they wont be able to climb out of. That would be poetic justice that the Niners ended the Rams last chance at the playoffs last season and the Rams could put the Niners playoffs chances on a serious critical condition. Imo the Rams would end the Niners playoffs chances before it is even official.

What I look to see in this game is Goff continuing to play well as he has thrown more tds against the Niners than any other team he has faced. Kupp tends to play extremely well against divisional opponents so I want to see if he takes advantage of a poor Niners secondary. Then Donald who possibly has more sacks against the Niners than any other one team to test Jimmy G to see if he is truly healthier. Jimmy G better be because if not Donald could have another 3-4 sack game. I think this game being on SNF could possibly put Donald in the MVP discussion if he does have another 3-4 sack game because he already leads the NFL in sacks and on pace to break the sack record. If he comes out on national tv and have another game like he had last week against Washington, people have to start talking about him being a top 3 candidate for MVP.  

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