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Week 6 GDT: New Era of Cowboys Football! The return of the Red Rifle vs “The Future”

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Just now, buddy_z34 said:

As I said, without the offensive tackles he is a sitting duck. My 2 wins the rest of the season is looking good

He has had time on a more than a few occasions. He has also had no time on a few occasions. 

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1 minute ago, quiller said:

Dalton is doing a terrible job with his pre snap read..  well got a chance if we can score .. then score with the second half opening drive..

And getting called out for it on the broadcast.

He is playing as if he’s trying to preserve himself.

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Off season has begun.

1. Fire McCarthy

2. Kill Nolan

3. Trade: Zeke, Cooper, Lawrence, 

4. Cut: T. Smith, Lee, and a host of other mushrooms.

5. Hire, dare I say, a real coach. Don't know who, we're or how, but a coach. A guy with brains, cherries and confidence to keep these guys on edge so they play hard every play.

Damn I miss the confidence and fire of Jimmy Johnson.

Oh yeah, fire Skippy and get an experienced. OC.

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