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Random topic: Who is more important Vrabel or Robinson?


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If we were to ever lose one, which one would cause the most setback.

Vrabel has identified good coaches apparently. He has established a good locker room culture and guys believe in him.
Robinson has identified good talent and depth. Guys from practice squad actually contribute where in years past a practice squad guy was about as useful as a 3rd grader.

Which one do you think contributes most to our success?

Not really a right or wrong answer. More just for discussion.

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Robinson set this team in the right direction. We had the worst roster in all of football before he got here. He’s definitely had some misses(what GM doesn’t) but he’s definitely been one of the best GMs in football since he’s been here. Love Vrabel and he’s a hell of a coach but I’m going with the guy who put this team together.

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Love Vrabs.

J Rob helped build a team that was 5-24 the previous two years before he arrived to back to back 9-7 years (with a playoff win in there) with Mike Mularkey as the coach. Plus Robison had the vision to know Vrabel was the perfect coach to help take the team to the next level.

Personally got to go with JRob but these two are intertwined together.

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As much as I love Vrabel, I have to go with Robinson. We've seen that an average coach can do alright with talent and there's no question that Robinson has done an outstanding job evaluating talent since he got here. And I would have faith in him to nail another coaching hire. Let's just hope it's a few decades before we have to worry about any of that lol

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