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Week 6 GDT: WTF Team at NYG. Ugh, why?

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Well, here we are folks! Is this the Trevor Lawrence Bowl, the Justin Fields Bowl or the Trey Lance Bowl? Who the hell knows ? But it’s something! And it’s all we got!200.gif

The battle of the bottom feeders!

What: WTF Team at NYG

Where: Snoopy’s Stadium, MetLife

new years eve vintage GIF

When: 1 pm but we all wish somehow we’d forget the start time and avoid the misery

Why: I don’t know honestly! 🤷‍♂️  

I Dont Know Paramount Network GIF by Yellowstone

Well, this was supposed to be the first match of the year of 2nd year first round pick QBs Dwayne Haskins vs. Daniel Jones, but Ron Rivera went and screwed that up by handing the rock for the time being to Scotty’s drinking buddy Kyle Allen Turner .

We all hope Kyle Allen really shines, but most of don’t expect much of a difference than when Dwayne Haskins was starting this year or when Alex Smith took over for Allen last week after he was pummeled by Jalen Ramsey on the sidelines. If last week was any indication no matter which of the 3 QBs are playing for the WTF Team the offense will struggle bc our OL has been mostly awful except for Moses, we have a TE who can’t block or run the correct routes, we have no #2 WR and our rookie offensive coordinator looks lost in his play calling!

One good thing is that Brandon Scherff is returning from his knee injury so that should help the interior offensive line against an impressive 3 down line for the Giants - Dexter Lawrence at NT with Leonard Williams and Dalvin Tomlinson flanking him on both sides.

Washington’s defense is hit or miss. It is improved over the previous 4 years but, it’s not even an average defense. Our defensive line - top 6 defensive lineman has played well but our linebackers and safeties have been below average to poor most games we’ve played this year which is a big reason we are 1-4 and not 2-3 or 3-2 right now and leading in the NFC Least.

Meanwhile the Giants offense looked kind of impressive last week vs Dallas even  though they still lost the game. The Giants are 0-5 for a reason, their QB is a turnover machine and looks a lot like Eli in that way.  The Giants defense also has been unimpressive, especially their secondary which should help Kyle Allen out. They don’t have anyone to check Terry - most teams don’t - so, I expect him to have a big game. Besides their DL and Blake Martinez their FA MLB they signed this off-season and the occasional play by Jarbril Peppers  the Giants D is even worse than Washington’s. 

Needless to say this game is a coin flip of two of the bottom feeders in the NFL.

WTF: 24

NYG: 26

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Biggest game of the year, if Washington wants to stay relevant throughout the holidays.

Win & your possibly 1st place this weekend.

2-0 inside the division & playing the Cowboys next Sunday with a chance to go 3-0 into the bye week.

A glimmer of playoff hopes open up, if we beat the Giants.

Lose & everything collapses & more fingers start getting pointed. Who becomes the scapegoat this time, with Haskins on the bench?

Fall 1-5 overall & sharing last place, with who beat you. (Giants)

People will start to question the coaching staff, if we lose to the Giants.

Imo, this is the 2nd HUGE game for us so far. (The first was the opener vs Philly which we succeeded)

Imo, This is a MUST win game.

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I think Allen plays poorly and gets picked off. Smith gets put in the game again and we still can’t move the ball. The defense holds on as long as they can but the Giants move the ball eventually. 

24 Giants

13 Redskins


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Honestly, I think they’re going to win. 

That brings me no joy, I’d love to see them Lose Forever for Trevor. But I think we’re better than the Giants in a couple areas that will swing this one to our advantage, most particularly our DL against their OL. I think our guys will control the LOS and put Jones under pressure, which should lead to some bad decisions and presumably some turnovers. 

The scary thing about facing the Giants, in theory, is the duo of Barkley and Engram just feasting on our LBs and safeties. But Barkley is gone and Engram has been invisible, so that big advantage for them has totally dried up. I don’t expect them to be able to run the ball much on us. That leaves a decent tandem of WRs (with Sterling Shepard still out), and I fully expect Slayton to get over the top for a big play or two, but I trust our CBs to compete pretty well on the outside. 

On the other side, the key to the game will be whether we can handle those big DL guys like Tomlinson and Lawrence and Williams and Hill. As long as they don’t totally wreck our interior OL, I like our chances. If they have to blitz to get home, that’s one thing Allen actually did pretty well last week: recognizing and “attacking” the blitz. I use the Dr. Evil quotes around “attacking” because all he really did was throw check downs to the side vacated by the blitz, but that’s something at least. 

I think our non-McLaurin receivers actually have a chance to get open against their back 7 this week. And while I think Bradberry is playing really well, I also think McLaurin is better and will beat him a few times. Hopefully Allen doesn’t whiff on it when he does. 

To me, I’m seeing 20-17 for the WFT. One score for us off a turnover, and a lot of nickel and diming then down the field with Gibson, McKissic, and occasionally Wright. I expect boredom to be the general reaction to the whole game (except by Ron Rivera, who will interpret a close win against an 0-5 team as us “staking our claim as legitimate contenders” in the division).

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